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Interview: Fabian Secon

When I was still writing for another music online magazine (which sadly shut down), I got aware of the upcoming singer Fabian Secon. Born and raised in one of the hippest neighbourhoods in London, Brixton, the artist started emerging into the music business at young age already and has been on his grind ever since.  His music style is unique – with influences of many genres, future-leaning R&B as such. With successful singles such as Red Lights and Goldplated, Fabian managed to establish himself a name in the music business which led to collaborations with Splurgeboys, J Spades or Mic Righteous, as well as producer Chas Appeti (Wretch 32, Krept & Konan).

I was able to ask the talented singer a few questions about his future plans and his thoughts about his latest EP Don’t Disturb (check it out below):

How would you describe yourself to people who don’t know you and your music?

A Singer & Producer who really loves just making music.

The lead single off your EP is about a Japanese girl, and the music video is also Japanese-style. Do you have a fondness for the Oriental world?

Not particularly, it was just a cool vibe I had created around that theme. More like an experiment.

Where did you take your inspiration for Don’t Disturb, and what is your favourite track off it?

I wanted to create a mood for the listeners, which put you in a certain dream-like, zone, with dark and light moments. I don’t have one favourite, it changes all the time.

It’s been a successful year for you! What can we expect from you next year? Do you have a new EP or album coming up or are you planning a tour?

Next up is a joint EP with producer 5IVE (Krept & Konan, Nines, Stormzy, Ray BLK). A track with Aj Tracey on producer Nyge’s mixtape. I’ve just done a duet with Taya who’s on Atlantic Records UK. More videos & another tape of my own after that.

Is there a specific artist you would love to collaborate with throughout your music career, and why?

There isn’t one specific artist, right now I’d say Frank Ocean as one. His vibe is crazy and isn’t afraid to do what he wants. Another would be Stormzy, as the combination would be interesting.

You have a unique music style in my opinion, which is great! To which artists are you looking up?

 Thank you. Growing up I listened to Akon, Coldplay, Nelly, Giggs, Justin Timberlake, Eminem.. a whole range of music.


Check out his EP Don’t Disturb:


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