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Blaise Pascal – Blaise Pascal EP

…No, I am not talking about Blaise Pascal, the French scientist. I am talking about Blaise Pascal, the emerging future-soul singer. Raised in London, the artist quickly discovered his talent of singing in dancing which led him to receiving a scholarship at Sylvia Young, followed by a scholarship at the Rambert School of Contemporary Dance and Ballet. This eventually resulted in a career as a dancer which allowed him to travel all around the world and perform in renowned institutions such as The Royal Opera House and The English National Opera.
After all, his journeys abroad gave him the inspiration for writing and creating songs, and soon after his debut album Wild Life came to life. Since then, Blaise Pascal has been fully focusing on his music career.


Now, the skilled singer-songwriter has released his self-titled debut EP. Not too long ago he has unveiled the lead single I Can’t Wait’ – a power-and soulful anthem about a long distance relationship and, according to the singer, “the feelings of excitement I had knowing I would see her after much time apart.” 

The project comes with four more tracks, one of them being Dead Man’s Shoes. In this one, Blaise is showing his political and social side by referring to the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent incidents of cops shooting innocent Black people. (Look/There is another black man on the damn ground”; “Damn/ stop what you are you doing/you don’t have the right to be taking life”). Dead Man’s Shoes has a deep and honest meaning behind it and is my personal favourite track of the EP.

Followed by Without You – a beautiful yet heartbreaking love ballade, which is about Blaise not being able to live without his significant other – comes Know Love – a laid-back yet rhythmic tune combined with reggae sounds. All Seeing Eye marks the last song of the EP, another soulful ballade which again showcases Blaise Pascal’s incredibly powerful and strong voice.

All in all, I have to say that this is one of the best musical projects I have heard this year. Blaise Pascal’s genuine storytelling makes it intriguing to carefully listen to his lyrics, and his vocals are simply wonderful. So I can only recommend you to check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/officialblaisepascal/sets/ep1



Written By: Antonia

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  • Steven Miller

    Reply April 13, 2017 12:06 am

    This is definitely one to watch. The world needs artists to speak and serious issues and help bring awareness!

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