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EP: No/Hugs – In Between

Looking for an alternative to Queen or Muse? Then look no further, and let me introduce you to the band No Hugs. Coming from Boston, USA, the alternative rock band – consisting of Amaury, Fernando, Jenn, Achal and Narcissus A-Ngel –  was formed by Narcissus in only 2015 but have already established a solid fanbase in their country. Followed by headlining slots at several festivals, the band has won the 2015 Battle of the bands, and also opened up for various popular American rock bands, such as the 80s glam rock band Faster Pussycat. Pretty impressive, huh?

At the end of last year, they have finally released their debut EP. Titled In Between, the project comes with 5 tracks in total with each song being an individual rock anthem. I personally am not listening to alternative rock that often, but I have to say that I really enjoyed listening to In Between and I would definitely recommend you guys to check them out below 🙂

Written By: Antonia

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