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Interview: Tiana Major9

Meet Tiana Major9! The emerging R&B/Jazz- singer-songwriter from East London has unveiled her jazzy debut single Merry Go only yesterday but is definitely not a newbie in the industry. She has already supported Ray BLK on tour and even was a MOBO Unsung finalist. I have asked the gifted songstress about those experiences, what Major9 stands for and what we can expect from her this year. Read below.

First of all, how would you describe yourself and your music style to those who don’t know you?

I’d say I’m quite a spontaneous person, I have so many ideas which suits my own music almost perfectly. I like to write songs that aren’t so predictable to keep the interest throughout.

You go by Tiana Major 9- I suppose Tiana is your actual name? What does the “9” stand for?

Lol yes, my name is Tiana but the “Tiana Major9” comes from the Jazz influence in my music. One day I was looking for a stage name with my brother and he came up with the “Major9”. It’s a chord which we use a lot in my music. It just worked that’s why it’s still around today!


You have come a long way already! Being a MOBO unsung finalist, supporting Ray BLK at her gig in London last year – that must have been amazing for you. How were those experiences for you? 

They’ve been amazing! I’ve always dreamed of becoming a singer and with each opportunity I have been reminded of my greatest passion. I just hope they’ll continue.

The Urban music scene in London is unstoppable right now! Are there any artists you would love to collaborate with?

I’d love to work with Shakka and Rukhsana Merrise, both are very talented artists who I really respect.

When did you decide to choose music as your career? Did you grow up in a musical family?

I’ve always wanted to do music, even from a young age but I started taking music seriously at 18. By then I was able to gig regularly without any hassle from promoters or bar staff. My brother and I just wanted to be everywhere and that’s what we did – we played everywhere. My family are very musical; my grandmother plays the guitar and many of my cousins write and produce.

I have listened to your Lauryn Hill cover on YouTube – I loved it! Do you count her as one of your idols? Which artists are inspiring you the most, and why?

Aww thank you, I’m glad you liked it! Yes, I would consider her as one of my musical inspirations; I grew up listening to and loving her. I also love D’angelo, Amy Winehouse and Esperanza Spalding!

Besides performing at various gigs this year, what else can we expect to see/hear from you this year? Do you have any plans on releasing an EP or doing a headline tour?

New music! You can expect new music. Merry Go is out now and thats all we needed, the first song to break the ice and properly introduce Tiana Major9’s music to the world. I’ve been working with some amazing people recently so you can expect more new music soon.

Listen to Merry Go below

Written By: Antonia

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