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PREMIERE: Will Caminada – Caterpillar

After darkness comes light – but the road to get there can be rocky.

London-based Soul-singer/songwriter Will Caminada sensibly tackles those struggles. Having defeated the constant battle of gaining more self-acceptance and love in his successful debut Camouflage last year, Will has now unveiled the sequel to his series of breaking free through art.

Entitled Caterpillar, the new release continues the extensive journey to freedom by cleverly using the analogy of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, which is then finally ready to embrace unrestraint.

Taking influence from legends such as Maxwell and India Arie as well as contemporary artists like Gallant, Caterpillar clearly brings a smooth neo-soul sound. A memorable chorus and bold R&B melody shape the song into a beautifully peaceful, yet strong and tastefully produced track, that will surely stay in your head.

Will chose to narrate Caterpillar as a female character in order to pay tribute to all the worthy and strong women around him. Hence, the official music video – which will be released soon – showcases beautiful female artists who are embodying the process of becoming a stronger and uncaged version of themselves.

But for now watch the lyric video: Will has served as a blank canvas for the incredibly talented make-up artist Megan La Lau (follow her on instagram: meglalau), who was able to express and portray a genuinely smooth transformation through a new and selective palate of colours, as opposed to the various vibrant colours of his former video.

This mixture of visual arts and soulful music that Will keeps delivering unveils more and more what SoulArt is about. (Find out about SoulArt in my recent interview with him).

I can’t wait to see what more the talented artist has got in store for us in the future. But now let’s all take inspiration from Caterpillar and try to break through our own cocoons – and most importantly: Let’s enjoy such beautiful song!

Listen to Caterpillar on Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/n3l2hnm

Download on iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/l68osg8 

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Facebook: Will Caminada 

Instagram: guiwill 

Soundcloud: willcaminada

Written By: Antonia

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