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Deep.Sleep – 1994

Everybody listen up ’cause I’m about to introduce you to an indie band that is about to take the world by storm this year. Excited? Thought so. So here they are: Deep.Sleep, with their brand new single 1994.
Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, the band have spent the past few months on the road building up a solid fanbase by performing legendary and energetic live shows.

Just last Friday, they premiered 1994, a self-produced and self-recorded masterpiece which marks their first release of this year.

“I think the liberation that comes with recording and producing your own record fits though because this was the song that started the band, it’s that vulnerability that comes with wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting it forward into the public domain that really makes our music so important because it’s so personal and up front and honest lyrically, I like to be personal and relevant and political in our tunes because it’s what the kids need” – Dan (Guitar/Vocals)

Starting off with “I’m 19 and I’m still getting wiser/you’re 21…”, 1994 reminisces of a departed relationship with an older woman. It takes you back to your young, stupid and crazy times and hints that sometimes not everything is going according to plan in your teenage years – but life goes on anyway.
Brilliant guitar riffs, honest lyrics and a laid-back yet joyful sound turn Deep.Sleep‘s new single into an absolute festival-qualified anthem.

They are going on tour real soon, so make sure you’ll attend their gig in your city!
Listen to 1994 below:

Written By: Antonia

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