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Jesuton – Man Of My Life

From a street artist to being watched by 20 million people on Brazil’s most popular TV show: Singer-songwriter Jesuton¬†is basically already a household name in her country. Isn’t that insane? So if you’re a street busker and reading this: Everything is possible, just take a look at Jesuton, I hope she inspires you ūüôā

Now based in East London, the emerging singer has recently unveiled her album Home, a brilliant collection of songs for which she has received huge support from some of Brazil’s most important media publications (Globo, TimeOut Rio Times and Veja, among others). Including 12 tracks in total, her album – co-produced by Mario Caldato JR (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson) – showcases genuine lyrics alongside skillful live instrumentation and mellow melodies.
It perfectly portrays Jesuton‘s wanderlust as Home elegantly¬†illustrates a nocturnal journey through space and time.

Earlier this month, the artist has published a brand new video for her track Man Of My Life. When asked about the song, Jesuton stated:

‚ÄúSometimes we don’t know what to do, what the right choice to make would be. The track and music video ‘Man of My Life’ is situated at fork in the road, on a dark night. Left or right. Keep trying or quit and break free? This persistent duality is the central aspect of the album: that there are multiple, coexisting truths. And are we really choosing? Or are we somehow locked in endless cosmic cycles? The music video, filmed in Italy by Alberto Marchiori, explores these ideas.‚ÄĚ

Watch and listen to it below, and keep an eye out for more music! 

Stream her album on Spotify:

Written By: Antonia

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  • IndustryMe

    Reply May 23, 2017 7:28 am

    She sounds pretty cool I’ll definitely be checking her out!

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