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Salvation Jayne – Burn It Down

Are you into slamming guitar sounds, strong vocals and energizing, authentic rock’n roll vibes? Then Burn It Down by Salvation Jayne is the perfect track for you to listen to today.

But first let me tell you a bit about the Kent-based four-piece band. Consisting of Holly Kinear (guitar), Dan Lucas (bass), Tor Charlesworth (drums) and new member Chess Smith (vocals), Salvation Jayne already formed in 2013 and were able to build up a solid fanbase through touring and regular festival performances.
For 2017 they have given their band a brand new look and are ready to rock’n roll more than ever!

Recently they have unveiled the music video to single Burn It Down, a track taken from their brand new EP titled Moves That Make The Record Skip which you can check out right below.

Expect vibrant 80’s new wave-influenced melodies alongside dark lyrics and an edgy and heavy production. Chess made a great debut on Burn It Down – her vocals are fabulously vigorous!

Check out their music video below and get ready to rock along!

Written By: Antonia

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