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Live: Damian Marley 2.0

On June 21st Damian Marley, Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall superstar and son of the legendary Bob Marley, finally hit town for a show during his Europe tour. Even though I’ve already seen him at a festival last year I just didn’t want to miss this concert as I do love me some Reggae and Dancehall. Also, any excuse to go to a concert is a good one.

First on stage was a German Reggae act called Patrice. I must say, I didn’t know most of his songs but he did make a great impression. Appearing on stage with a proper live-band and some amazing background vocalists, Patrice performed for nearly an hour, showcasing his smooth vocals and saving my favourite song, titled Soulstorm, for the end. You have to check it out below – it’s a stirring track with deep lyrics.

After the support act left, the stage crew was getting all ready to set up the needed equipment for Damian Marley and his band.

But what I genuinely cannot understand is why artists always take so damn long to come on stage. Like what’s the deal of waiting half an hour (or longer) until finally showing up when everything and everyone else is ready? I’m just mentioning this because, when the whole band already started jamming Bob Marley‘s Roots, Rock, Reggae, the crowd thought that he’d be on stage any second. Instead, another artist whose name I unfortunately forgot, appeared and everyone just thought “WTF?” – or so it seemed. But negative vibes aside, the artist, a rather enthusiastic Rastafari all the way from Kingston, performed some dope joints and managed to build up the anticipation for Damian even more.

And then finally the time had come! Starting to play Make It Bun Dem (feat. Skrillex), the band introduced the Jamaican artist on stage. And his show was everything I wanted it to be.
From old tracks such as Justice, Hey Girl or Road To Zion to more relevant ones such as Affairs Of The Heart – he performed each and every one of them with such a passion, undermined by the admirable efforts of his live band, and his wonderful background singers (who showed off the dopest dancemoves). After giving a speech about the greatness and many advantages of Marijuana, he showcased his brand new release Medication (feat. Stephen Marley) which is about – you guessed it – his love about the plant and its many benefits. Seriously, this track is sooo catchy and has been stuck in my head ever since. You’ll find me singing and dancing to it 24/7, no kidding. Oh, by the way: Medicaaaaaaaation, your medication makes me high, just be paaaaaatient! Check it out below, and get infected as well:

To my huge excitement he also performed some of Bob Marley‘s timeless classics, War/No More Trouble – a song which seems to be more than relevant these days – and Is This Love being among them. (To make it clear: I do not like Damian Marley only because of Bob Marley – yes, Bob is probably my favourite artist of all times, but I like Damian for his awesome music. 🙂 )
His all-known banger Welcome To Jamrock closed the show, and an unforgettable night.

Just like last year, Damian Marley convinced the crowd with his highly unique voice and his effortless stage appearance, showcasing his finest abilites by switching between smooth, mellow Reggae and intoxicating Dancehall productions.

Until next time, Junior Gong Zilla!


Written By: Antonia

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