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Why I think music is the best way to overcome anxiety attacks

(This is going to be a rather personal blog post.)

Being scared to leave the house for no reason, having irrational fears and creating problems out of nothing after googling why you are having a headache or overthinking about why someone special in your life didn’t text you back…which turns into sleepless nights – I believe most of you readers have dealt with anxiety attacks or major overthinking. So have I, and still do fairly often to be honest. You might now think “why is she sharing this on a public platform, this should be nobody’s business” – yes, it is personal but anxiety is nothing which you should be ashamed about. Hiding your anxiety issues is not the key to recovery, especially not in our century where so much bullshit is going on (excuse the swear word). It may still be frowned upon by society but seriously who cares about what society says what you should or should not talk about? So yeah, I’m going to talk about it. It will make me look anti-social (which I am definitely not, mostly anyways) but I hope someone might be able to relate or be inspired.

There are many versions of how to improve on frequent anxiety attacks or even overcome it. There would be Yoga, Meditation, working out,…the list goes on. As I am neither a big fan of Yoga or Meditation because I have major concentration issues, nor a gym enthusiast (which will soon change hopefully), music has always been the number one solution for me.
Whenever I am trying to sleep but failing due to loud thoughts in my head I am listening to music. Whenever I’m sitting on a park bench thinking about problems which await me when I’m going back home I am listening to music. Generally, whenever I’m feeling like there are just too many issues I cannot deal with in my mind I’m listening to music. I’m not talking about up-beat music such as Pop, Hip-Hop or anything too rousing – I’m talking about Soul, Reggae or dreamy pop. Mood music really. Think Lana Del Rey, H.E.R, Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran.
Listening to this kind of music makes me feel like I’m not alone. Melancholic, soulful songs with deep, sometimes heartbreaking, lyrics make me feel like there is someone who understands me. Sometimes I can relate, sometimes it lifts me up. Let me take Bob Marley’s High Tide Or Low Tide as an example. When I hear him sing “In high seas or low seas, I’m gonna be your friend” it makes me feel secure. This doesn’t mean that I have no friends, I do have incredible friends who are there for me (shoutout to you) but during moments of anxiety you simply feel lost in the world and feel like nobody understands you. And this is exactly why music helps me get through those kind of dark moments.

Wow this article is longer than planned. I would love your feedback, and I hope you enjoyed reading and weren’t bored.

Written By: Antonia

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  • guiwilluk

    Reply July 25, 2017 8:31 pm

    Well done for speaking about it so honestly! That’s the best remedy for anything, it’s breaking the silence and engaging conversations about it. The power of music is healing, I completely agree!! Music heals the world!

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