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Why I think productive days are important

Everybody has them, these days when you just feel bare uninspired, when you just don’t know what to do with yourself and watch the day go by without having done a single productive thing. It’s absolutely human and respectable to have days like this because I mean we are no machines. We need days to rest, days to binge-watch that new TV show we just discovered, days to order pizza and do nothing.
But then again, we also need days on which we are productive, days on which we get a lot of work or networking done, days after which we can feel proud of ourselves because we have been out there and actually done stuff.

Yesterday I had one of those productive days. Ever since I came to London, my life has been a lot more productive than when I still lived in Munich until about four months ago (This being said, how can it only be four months?! It honestly feels like a lifetime since I live here). Now, that doesn’t mean that I have been out there grinding every day – I’m a pretty comfortable (sometimes too comfortable) person to be honest. But every time I attend a networking event, or a music gig, or just anything where I meet like-minded people or just people who work in the music industry, I feel incredibly inspired afterwards!
But back to yesterday. As a representative for 1883 Magazine I was invited to attend a so-called Tupac-inspired urban dance class in order to celebrate the DVD release of All Eyez On Me, the official biopic of the legendary rapper. I had no idea what would await me expect learning some new dance moves alongside Tupac tunes.
So when I arrived, I met all these other lovely attendees – some who are quite popular in the scene already. Having a chat with some of them was immensely inspiring. Not only because they work in my desired field, but also because they shared their story and how they eventually reached the position they are in today. It made me realize that patience really is the key, that you cannot expect greatness on day one. It made me apprehend that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that you need to be ambitious enough and grind hard to get where you wanna be.
I know, that’s no news but you know what, these facts honestly become more reasonable and more clear once you hear it from people who literally know what they are talking about and who have built themselves a real name in the scene. Not only did I leave the dance class event with the wish to learn hip hop dancing and to listen to California Love all day long – I also left the event with a huge smile on my face, and with a lot of faith in myself. Faith, that I will achieve greatness if I put in enough effort. Faith, that I am willing to be patient (I’m a proper impatient person just so you know) because it is all going to work out eventually. I left the event feeling the most inspired in a long time, in a proper mood to really focus on my own journey and my projects and plans for real now. I left with the persuasion that I cannot slack off as much anymore.

So basically, what I want to say is that days like this are really important once in a while! They can lift you up more than you might expect it, they can give you new energy and new belief in yourself. So once in a while we should make the effort to get out there and try to connect with people who inspire you or teach you something useful. Chilling is great, but it cannot beat the feeling of new motivation. So overcome your inner swine and get out there. Get inspired, get encouraged – It’s more valuable than you might think!

And now, California Love for you below because it’s stuck in my head.




Written By: Antonia

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