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Today I would like to introduce you to this beautiful soul: BREANTONIA.
The other week I met her at one of the #NormalNotNovelty workshops at Red Bull Studios where she told me about her upcoming EP. Titled Organic, the project has now finally been released last week, and I must admit: Never had I expected to listen to such an amazing masterpiece!

The 6-songs long project starts off with the title song Organic which marks a clear introduction to what we can await from the upcoming songs – and it sounds promising.
Attraction, her debut single, follows, and it had me the minute I listened to it. Guys, this might actually be my new favourite song now! It boasts with incredibly smooth melodies and BREANTONIA‘s absolutely stunning vocals. Undermined by a rather lively beat, this one creates a vivid atmosphere and will most certainly get stuck in your head immediately.

But also the tracks Tonight and Daydreaming are truly remarkable, once again showcasing both her songwriting abilities and dazzling vocals. Especially Daydreaming stands out due to the singer’s soothing, wonderfully high-pitched voice combined with background chants which will literally make you fade away and daydream about how life could be. This one is probably my second favourite song of ORGANIC.
Where This Could Go follows, kicking off with a mystic-sounding beat. Soon after, we get to hear both falsetto and deep vocals – proving BREANTONIA‘s broad versatility. The EP closes off with Simple Life, a rather slow production and hence the perfect ending to a perfect compilation.
As a conclusion I gotta say: I’m so glad having met this talented artist and being able to get aware of her music. ORGANIC is a brilliant R&B – inspired EP, focusing on topics which are on everybody’s minds and flaunting true musical talent. Each song is unique yet still keeps the same soulful vibes.

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Written By: Antonia

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