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VAS LEON – Leggo

There are snakes on every corner, fake people showing fake love to you (*Drake voice intended*) or simply those untrustworthy, shameless human beings who constantly consider themselves too good for something. Yes, those kind of people are out there. Sadly.

“Done with the fake people, they don’t get no love from me. LEGGO!”

London-raised rapper, singer and producer VAS LEON has created the perfect anthem for that! Entitled Leggo, his brand new release genuinely portrays the, sometimes unavoidable, situation of dealing with the constant drama of deceitful people who only need you when they want a favour or who pretend to be your best friends while instead trying to stab in your back.
The message VAS LEON tries to convey is the great importance of simply kicking them out of your life because they do not deserve to be in it – all while showcasing his effortlessly dynamic singing and rapping skills alongside a catchy self-produced beat.

Listen below

Written By: Antonia

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