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The future faces of music

What a year 2018 has been. A really strange one for the music scene as well – we saw memes blowing up and getting signed to a label due to them becoming viral. It seemed like 2018 real music had to take a step back and let social media attractions and meme music (yeah, it seems like that’s a thing now) receive enormous recognition. It’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it? So many talented singers, rappers & Co. have been grafting for years and years, only to find out that people would rather spend their support hyping up someone who doesn’t even make music or who doesn’t even take it serious? There are many things to blame for this but I don’t really want to get to deep into it. All I know is that good music will forever be what matters most and talented, hard-working people will eventually get their well-deserved support.

I feel blessed to know quite a few incredible emerging artists, and I am even happier that I had the honour to have them on the line-up for some of my events – I am more than sure that some of them are gonna be a huge deal in the future, maybe some sooner and some later. Let me introduce you my top 4 artists who I KNOW will make a massive impact in 2019. Mark my words! Already in 2018 they achieved such major things – such as releasing projects, gaining funding or supporting some of your favourite artists on tour. Believe me when I say, these singers/rappers are the future!

Disclaimer: These are my personal four favourites. There are many more who I think are amazingly gifted and will reach a high level but this list would be endless and I would still be sitting here tomorrow.

Mercy’s Cartel

I am not lying when I say that this beautiful songstress has released one of my favourite songs of the year: Feel My Vibe. In fact, her whole project Vibes Cartel is, quite literally, a vibe. It contains both laid-back and up-beat songs which deal with mental health, society and struggling to find your place within.

Mercy’s vocals are truly stunning and powerful and I cannot wait to see what she has got cooking up for us next.
In 2018 she supported Etta Bond and Kojey Radical, among other, on their sold-out shows and has recently been selected for the MOBO Help Musicians Fund – which means we will see her on tour!

If you want to find out more about her, feel free to check out an interview I did with her earlier this year. Don’t forget to watch her acoustic set, too!


If Emiko isn’t the future of R&B then I don’t know who is! Do you ever miss Old School R&B? Was your answer ‘Yes’ (which I’m sure it was?)? Then Emiko MUST be on your radar.

Earlier this year he debuted his single ‘Is It Real’, followed by his sophomore release ‘R U Down?’ which got premiered by the one and only DJ Ace on BBC 1xtra. And I’m telling you, from my own experience, this guy can SING! His live performances are something else, and your new years resolution should be to see one of his shows live. It’s going to change your life, and you will believe in real music again.

His debut EP is on the horizon, and if you knew how mind-blowing his unreleased material was then you’d be as excited as I am.


This rapper has been on my radar last year already, and it’s fascinating how he’s progressed this year. Sold out shows, collaborations with respected music platforms, his own event series in which he showcases emerging talent, appearances on Sky and a whole album release – nobody can say that Lemzi was slacking! He is a great example of an artist, consistency, compelling performances and lyrically brilliant tunes show that he is serious about his vision.

Titled ‘Leki’, his LP reflects on a wide array of relevant and thought-provoking topics which are especially important in the UK right now, such as Brexit, knife-crime and gang violence among the youth, to name but a few. His conscious lyrics and effortless, rather laid-back flow make him stand out from many other rappers.

He has also dropped a joint EP with Tonia earlier this year, which is very worth listening to also. There’s nobody who matches better sonically than those two.


This brother-sister duo, consisting of Daniel and Peace, is beyond fantastic. dazzling harmonies, mindful and honest lyrics and remarkably soulful vocals is what they’re all about. Their latest release ‘Faded’ was on repeat on my playlist for days, but also their other songs will make you realise that these two have an undeniable gift when it comes to making music.

In 2018 they have performed various sold-out headlines shows at highly renowned venues, including Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, and appearances at political events such as Labour Live with Jeremy Corbyn – the duo has generated a major buzz this year and have clearly built up a solid fanbase already.
You should definitely check them out – I’m sure you will be as fascinated by them as I am.


Like I said, there are many more artists who are destined for great things in the future – every singer/rapper who has performed at one of my events is crazily talented without a doubt, and many more who I have had the pleasure to meet in the past year are too.

Written By: Antonia

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