Welcome lovely readers!

Hi, it’s me, Antonia. I’m a German living in London and loving it.
This blog started out as a simple blog which tried to showcase new talent from the UK, covering a wide array of genres. However, soon I realised that this is not all I wanted to write about. Soon I realised that I wanted to speak up about certain topics. Topics, which are still a taboo topic in our society sometimes. Because why should those topics remain a no-go when they become more and more apparent in our lives, right? Besides that, I still want to feature good music on here, music which I support a hundred percent and which I actually like and want to recommend to you guys.

For all inquiries please e-mail to: antonia@musicandotherstories.com.  (Please, when sending me music submissions, only send me music within the genres of R&B, Soul, Reggae, and Hip-Hop. Everything else will be ignored.)

Looking forward to listening to your music 🙂

Find my writing portfolio here: antoniakuenzel.journoportfolio.com


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  1. Hey girl, I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading your articles ! Keep going and good luck for your career 🙂

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