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Music And Other Stories/Eternal Recurrence

Eternal Recurrence


1. Machine download
2. Beach
3. Porridge For A Dead Man

About Album

Hailing from London, Talking Knots, FKA Fifth Quarter, have started making music ever since 2015. Meeting at work and finding out about their mutual love for making music, Syf and Hennessey ultimately founded the band. Swiftly after, members Evil Edie and Lilith joined the band and take responsibility for the artwork and direction of the visuals.  

 Talking Knots is an expressionist movement based on freedom and unity which covers a span of over 100 years chronologically, from the past to the future – this includes the perception of events that have occurred or may yet, dreams, nightmares, and the human psyche, as expressed in their thought-provoking lyrics. 

Artist: Talking Knots
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 1-12-2017
Genre: Hip-Hop
People: Fifth Quarter, TalkingKnots

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