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Time Will Tell

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1. Timeless 2:53
2. Things Change, Things Change 3:32
3. Blinded By Love 4:01
4. No True Love 3:00
5. Well Wishes 4:36
6. Time Will Tell 3:29
7. They Don't 2:36
8. Don't Low Your Worth 3:25
9. God's Gift 3:17
10. To Whom It May Concern 4:09
11. Untitled 1:57
12. Nothing Hurts More 2:54

About Album

The Harlesden rapper showcases his ability to make insightful, introspective music with the release of his debut mixtape ‘Time Will Tell’, a 12 track project that showcases his versatile lyricism as he speaks about the things that are important to him such as uplifting his community and his views on current affairs within today’s society.

Artist: Patrin
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 1-6-2016
Genre: Hip-Hop
People: Patrin