Land Before Bedtime ft. MdotR – Flex

Earlier this year I have presented to you Harley Light aka Land Before Bedtime‘s track Broadway – now the singer is back with a brand new single.
Titled Flex, this song is all about that immediate physical attraction between a girl and a boy in a nightclub – I’m sure you all know what I am talking about! The new release tries to showcase that exact situation and genuinely conveys the vibes of night out with its intoxicating and dancy atmosphere. Dancehall artist MdotR is featuring the track, providing the perfect addition to Flex with his Caribbean vibes.

I did some research on the collab and got in contact explained what I was doing in music and showed him the tune and he loved it and agreed pretty much immediately so it was really fortunate and organic”.

Stay tuned for more to come from Land Before Bedtime – he will kickstart 2018 with his full length release so keep an eye out for that!

Listen to Flex below.


RaysMuzik – 8een

Another artist who has been on my radar this year is UK Afrobeats artist RaysMuzik.
In order to bring some much needed bright summer vibes to this dull and cold weather, he just dropped his new track 8een – the follow-up from his previous single For Me ft. Sona and DJ Sean which got major support from leading industry platforms and tastemakers.

This record is about that special woman I wish for in my life – that one special person who has ‘never let me down’. I appreciate how rare long-term relationships can be these days, and this is just my ode to staying together, through thick and thin. Working with JoshuaBeatzz was special; we pushed each other to deliver a new and fresh sound, fusing R&B, Reggae and Pop, and complimenting it with my Afrobeats background”. – RaysMuzik

Produced by JoshuaBeatzz (J Hus, Belly Squad), this song once again showcases a truly uplifting sound with its genuine combination of R&B, Pop, Reggae and Afrobeats. RaysMuzik‘s intoxicating and vivid vocals added, this song invites you to dance along immediately without a doubt. The singer made 8een an anthem about long-distance relationships – a difficult issue which doesn’t succeed very often. However, he remains positive about it as he is willing to commit to his special woman through all times.

Listen and watch the accompanied visuals, directed by Visionnaire Pictures, below:



Life happens at the end of your comfort zone

I don’t even know how to start writing this article so I’m just gonna go with the flow of writing and see how it goes. I’m writing this article sitting at the airport in Dublin, reminiscing of the past two days. Dublin is a city I have never been to before, I have never even been to Ireland before. Oh yeah, and I went here by myself because I thought why not. I know some people who are going to Uni here but that’s about it. It is not my first time travelling somewhere on my ones but when I did I always knew my way around because I had been to those cities before. This time it was different. No matter if where you’re going you know people or not, travelling alone is always a challenge. It sounds pretty exciting but sometimes it’s actually quite scary – when you don’t know the area and have no idea in which direction you could run to in case something might happen.

Imagine you’re a phone addict just like me (unfortunately) and you find out that your data roaming doesn’t work when you step out the plane. How are you gonna order your Uber from the airport to your accommodation now? How are you going to find your way around now, without constantly having access to Google Maps? Now you have to plan every trip, every bus journey, every step ahead. But what are you going to do when you accidentally (or out of stupidity) get out at the wrong bus stop and you have no idea where you are because it is outside of the city? You might actually have to ask people for directions – human interaction, crazy isn’t it!
There are ups and downs when travelling alone. First of all, your patience will be proven and very often it can get extremely thin. Also, you have a high risk of getting lonely. If you don’t know anything or anyone in a new place, you think to yourself if this has really been the right decision or if it had been better to just stay at home in your familiar surroundings. Then, if you suffer from social anxiety you might get intimidated quickly. You might think “Will people notice I’m not from here?”, “Will I look like a loner when I’m chilling in a cafe on my ones?” “What if I don’t understand their dialect?”

Calm down! Yes, you will have to consider those things but why would you always want to stay in your comfort zone? Life happens outside your comfort zone, as terribly cliché as it sounds. If there’s one thing I keep learning over and over again, it’s that losing your shit doesn’t help the situation. At all. If anything, it makes it much worse.
Truth is, nobody cares if you have breakfast by yourself. Especially not when you seem to mind your own business anyway by appearing busy with a book or a laptop or whatever. Nobody will murder you when you speak to them, ask them for directions or else (unless the person really is a criminal but let’s pretend that’s not the case).

Traveling alone has more advantages than disadvantages. Being away from everyone and everything, even if only for a few days, helps to clear your mind a lot. You have a lot of time for yourself, and you can soak in a lot of new inspiration. Because that’s what travelling does to you – it inspires you. New people, new food, new cultures – it broadens your horizon. And if you are on your ones you see it from a whole new and different perspective because you don’t have anyone by your side who may influence your opinion and who rushes you around. When you are traveling alone you can decide your very own flow without having the constant feeling of bothering your companion by your short or quick pace. You can do whatever YOU like. Traveling alone motivates you in so many different ways and I can only encourage you to do it at least once in your life.

The end.


Interview: Patrin

By now you guys should know that North West London is slowly but surely becoming the booming centre of music with all its incredibly talented rappers and singers. Among them is Patrin.
The Harlesden-based artist started writing from a very young age already and finally released his debut mixtape Time Will Tell not too long ago – a both lyrically and vocally remarkable and unique project, coming with 12 tracks in total which are covering thought-provoking and profound topics such as issues in today’s society, self-encouragement or reflections on past events.

His latest single taken from it is Things Change, Things Change – a truly intoxicating track featuring the stunning vocals of songstress Carmy Love (who is Too Rare To Die Casscade’s sister as I now found out, obviously talent must run in the family). Discussing the topic of change, Patrin evaluates the process of change and growth as an artist and reminisces of an old friend.
I sat down with the gifted wordsmith and we had a fun chat about how he started writing songs, his mixtape, and more. Read below.

First of all, the usual basic question – can you tell me a little about you and how you first started making music?

I go by the name of Patrin, I’m an artist – I make music but I started off doing poetry. From poetry I then developed into doing music. But I still do poetry because I love the sound of poetry, people can take in your words more. It’s not necessarily to a beat, I love that the most. About myself, I’m just a young, aspiring guy on my way as most people. Just loving what I do, just hungry. 

How did you start getting into poetry then?

Into Poetry…To be fair, I’ve always been able to write, it was always one of my skills. I have always loved writing. I use it as an exhale to let out my thoughts because I’m a deep thinker so I gotta let it out. Also, when I was younger I used to play football, I thought I was gonna be the best footballer in the world [laughs] but unfortunately that didn’t happen so it pushed me towards music, and poetry. 

At what age did you start writing?

Writing…Oh man, probably in year 6? How old are you in year 6, I’m guessing like 10/11? So yeah at 10/11 years old I wrote my first rap. It wasn’t the best but I tried, I tried.

Everybody has to start somewhere!

Exactly, exactly! I tried. 

How did your music style develop over the years?

I would say at first, when I started doing music I thought I really want to get out quick, I wanna make money off it quick. So I adjusted my style but I realized quick that that wasn’t who I was. So then I started adjusting to how I felt more comfortable, some people call it conscious – I call it real and honest, I want it true, I want it to be timeless and honest. That’s how I developed it. 

How would you describe your musical style in three words?

Three words… [laughs]. Honest, open, vulnerable. 

Which artists do you look up to then?

I look up to many artists, many figures. But in terms of artists I listen to… I listen to a lot of Tupac, a lot of Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, Wretch 32, Youngs Teflon, a lot of Too Rare To Die as well. So yeah man, I listen to a lot!

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with one day?

The Compozers. I love The Compozers! I think they are dope, I love The Compozers a lot. Who else… There is a lot of dope singers out there. There is Jorja Smith. I’m watching the scene, there’s a lot of young guys doing their thing right now which I like a lot. I feel like it’s been a long time coming so yeah… 

There are a lot in the North West area right?

Yeah, North West is coming! It started a little bit on a back foot behind but it’s coming up and taking over.

Definitely. So about your mixtape, why exactly did you call it Time Will Tell?

You know what, I was actually trying to think of a name. Like how can I call this any meaningful. But then I said to myself to not worry about it too much, and to focus on the music because the rest will come up init. The more and more I started working on the tape, the more I came up with the name Time Will Tell. I feel like I work with a matter of time, I feel like I have a will and the rest is kinda linked to that. Time Will Tell. 

How long did the recording time take, or the writing process?

The recording took me probably three weeks?! Over like two, three weeks. The writing takes the longest. I’m very specific with the lines that I write. But I love writing anyway. The recording is never a problem.

Do you have your own studio at home? 

No I don’t! I’m actually working on a set-up but I can’t engineer! I need to learn how to engineer. I kinda love the studio vibe as well, you know?! But it is definitely something I do need to learn. 

Your mixtape showcases a lot of emotions and deep thoughts, what are the key topics you want to portray?

Obviously I feel like painting a picture, Michelangelo creating a sculpture, that’s what I’m doing with the words, picturing them like a sculpture. I want to keep it honest, open and timeless. Those are the key things I have always wanted to portray. 

Did you base the songs on real live events?

Definitely, a hundred percent. If not my own personal ones then other real life events. In Things Change I talk about a friend of mine, how we haven’t spoken in a while. Then the song Well Wishes where I talk about a friend who is in jail at the moment, and it is based on a conversation we had. I’m trying to keep it real, I don’t wanna make music just for the sake of it. 

Do you have a personal favourite song from your mixtape? 

Ahh you are kidding me, it changes all the time! If I had to think, I would say… probably Don’t Low Your Worth. When I wrote the second verse I shed a tear because it’s that personal . That one gets to me the most, it comes from a deep personal perspective. But I like all my songs. 

“I became more open, more honest, free and less insecure. I have developed my musical style sonically . I learned how to make music. Before, I knew how to write but now I can form a whole song, chorus, verse…I’m still learning, so I’m still growing. I’m enjoying it.”

About your new single Thing’s Changed, Thing’s Changed- How did your collaboration with Carmy Love come about? 

Carmella, Carmy Love! She is the sister of a friend of mine, you know Casscade from Too Rare To Die? That’s his sister. She came through and just killed the track! Check her out!

For the visuals you added your song Stay in the end, is there any connection between the songs?

You know what it is, Stay I recorded because I wrote it and then I was filming a song called Letter 2 World with my videographer William Clarke, and he was like yo, he’s got a new camera, so he wanted to film with the new camera but we had started the video with his old camera, so he asked if I have any songs which spring off the top, which I know by heart and can freestyle. So I added it to Things Change, Things Change. Everyone was like “where’s the next video, where’s the next video”, it took quite a while until I brought out Things Change, Things Change . So that’s how it came about. 

That’s so interesting to find out why some shots look older than others in the visuals! But anyway, coming from North West London – how has the scene here shaped you? Because obviously it is kind of different than, let’s say, South, right?

I think it’s kind of the same topics, the same struggle. I rap about things I see on a day to day basis so I talk about things in my surrounding. So being in Harlesden definitely shaped me, I rap about the things going on here. But whether you are in Hackney, Tottenham etc., the struggle is similar. I don’t think the sound is different, the message is the same, I feel like everyone is talking the same language. I just feel like North West has got a lot of talent, so much talent. 

What is your favourite thing about music?

It’s being a vessel. A vessel to be able to speak to people. Everything I write is honesty so I want to prophecy it to the rest of the world.

Finally, what is next for you?

More shows, more music, more videos. I’ll probably put out another project.

Oh really?

[Laughs] You’re gonna hold me to that init, nah but next year maybe. I just want more music, shows, more public speaking, more everything. I don’t know what next year holds. I need to get my headline show sorted! It’s on my bucket list, next year I definitely want to do a headline show. Hold me to that!

That’s a wrap!

Check out his mixtape below, you will not regret it.

Follow Patrin: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


Boy Nash – YMLLK Part III Shackles EP

Another artist I got aware of when I attended MOE presents the other day (read review here) is London-based rapper Boy Nash who has unveiled his new project a few weeks back, in order to celebrate Black History Month. Titled YMLLK Part III Shackles, it was produced by Tummy Wilson and Jayo (Skrapz, Giggs).

The EP comes with seven tracks in total, starting off with Wretch’s Intro which features vocals from – you guessed it – rap legend Wretch 32.
Shackles follows, a genuine song about the struggle of being trapped in society. While Boy Nash shows off with a lyrically impressive rap flow, his guest artist Queen Ameen awards the track that extra special touch by adding her compelling and strong vocals on the chorus. Followed by having shackles on the feet comes the prison – as portrayed in track three Eastfields Interlude, featuring H Busy.

“Trapped in the trap with the mandem the jungle is rammed, I’m juggling fire, hyenas are watching take caution the serpent is clockin,I woke up this morning from last night’s mourning Joseph my bredrin in got clawed by the warden”.

It discusses the struggles of an individual who has no other choice in life anymore than to sell drugs, however the cops are trying to chase him down and lock him up.
But freedom always comes around eventually, and here we are at track four. Featuring sultry yet dynamic verses from Shani Cherry and LEMZI, Freedom is actually the first single which got released from YMLK Part III Shackles EP and again demonstrates Boy Nash‘s immense ability of storytelling through his original lyrics.

“Look within and you’ll find your gold. Look at Wiley, look at Skepta, man they weren’t afraid. And if they were afraid they conquered it and chose faith.”

Gold has a rather jazzy vibe and presents an uplifting mood as it is all about how you can free yourself from your obstacles and remove both physical and mental conflicts. This one is my personal favourite from the project as I really enjoy Boy Nash‘s vibrant and enthusiastic flow, not to mention the stunning voice from his backup vocalist.
Before the EP closes off with a live version of Freedom we get to hear Mary Prince which has a noticeably grittier sound. The artist reflects his deserved success and how he has made it to the top from all the obstacles he had to overcome.

As a result I have to say that YMLLK Part III: Shackles is indeed a truly honest and conscientious project which does not lack of lyrical excellence at all. Boy Nash is a skillful storyteller without a doubt, and his unique vocal abilities do not disappoint at all either. You should definitely check it out below. If you wanna catch Boy Nash live, find him at The Jazz Cafe in Camden on December 20th alongside Moelogo and many more.


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An EP about domestic abuse: Summer Days & Winter Nights (Chapter 1)

‘You tell yourself “I like this about him…oh wait, I also like this about this other guy.” Every day in our life we are questioning our choices. But guess what, deep deep down on the inside the answer is somewhere within us. You’ll find it. ‘

Domestic violence and abuse: a topic which is not spoken out about enough and sadly still a taboo topic in society sometimes – only less than half of the cases get reported to the police though as it is not easy to speak up about it and the fear of the partner finding out is often higher than the pain and suffering. According to a survey, over 1 million abuse-related cases were recorded in England and Wales alone last year.

“A Women Empowerment EP based on my mothers Domestic Abuse Experience. I decided to create this powerful project in the hope of giving women worldwide Courage & Strength , to those going through it and those who sadly went through it.” – KXNG JUNIOR

One artist who processes this topic through music is Kxng Junior, one of the singers I discovered at MOE Presents last Monday. The London-based singer joined rapper Lavz on stage to perform chapter 1 of their collaborative EP Summer Days & Winter Nights (featuring Francis Oshy). Based on the relationship of Kxng Junior’s mum, chapter 1 discusses the battles of an abusive relationship. The different points of view are genuinely portrayed by Lavz being the female side and Kxng Junior being her partner – the 9-minute long track is split into an ongoing discussion between the two of them, creating the feeling of a real-life situation.

“When you go through a tough and difficult relationship, courage is that one thing you need. Don’t tell me you don’t have it. You do. More than you can imagine.”

Chapter 1 has truly touched me. The way Kxng Junior, Lavz and Francis Oshy have created it is legitimately authentic and touches the issue in a very honest and genuine way. If you ever experienced domestic abuse or know someone who has, then you should definitely listen to it as these artists are trying to encourage everyone who has or had to deal with it. Even if you haven’t, you should press play because you do not want to miss out on these talented rappers. Chapter 2 coming soon.

Live: MOE Presents

I love going to gigs and I love them even more when it’s an intimate one without a rather huge and pushy crowd. I simply believe you can embrace the music much better when the location is smaller and gives off a familiar vibe. So yesterday [30th Oct] I headed to a live music night, organized by MOE Presents who showcase up-and-coming UK rappers, singers or Grime MC’s. The motive took place at Upstairs At The Ritzy in Brixton.

Five artists were able to perform some of their best songs during their 15-minute set, among them were Emmanuel Adenuga, Warren, Lavz, Chysianna, Peaky and ultimately JokShan as the headliner.

The show kicked off with Emmanuel Adenuga presenting his soothing R&B-infused slow jams, such as Don’t Break My Heart, for which the music video only got released the other week (check it out here. ) or Make You Mine.
Singer Warren followed soon after, and mate, I loved her vibes. Her voice was purely soulful yet very lively, and her songs were genuinely authentic. Additionally to her own material she also covered Dave’s Wanna Know and Not3s’s Addison Lee – it was really pleasant to hear those tracks in a completely new way, she definitely nailed it. Make sure to check out her recent EP here. 

Next up was Lavz, without a doubt one of the best female rappers out there – I am not playing! I have recently reviewed her last show, check it out here if you’d like to find out more about her. She performed some of her older tunes with an effortless flow, such as Formula or Run It and for her last song she invited Kxng Junior on stage. They recently dropped a joint EP titled Summer Days&Winter Nights which focuses on domestic abuse, based on real life events. Listen to Chapter 1 here, it’s an incredibly honest and meaningful project so don’t miss out.


Chysianna. What can I say…I loved her vibe! Her vocals are stunningly tuneful, with a dash of confident swag. Her stage performance didn’t lack either as she performed her songs with pure certainty and managed to captivate the crowd immediately. I didn’t know about her before but she got herself a new fan. Her latest single Mulla is now out via LinkUp TV, watch it here and enjoy.

Reppin’ West London was rapper Peaky,  who showcased some truly vivid Hip Hop tunes, produced by himself. He’s got an electric rap flow without a doubt, such a shame he couldn’t perform more of his tracks. Check him out here. 

Last but not least it was headliner’s JokShan‘s turn. For those of you who don’t know about him, JokShan is a West London-based R&B singer blessed with a strongly passionate voice. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties when he came on stage but he mastered it nevertheless. Joined by Boy Nash, they performed a song together – acapella! It was brilliant, I really enjoyed listening to both of them. When technical matters were finally solved, JokShan performed some of his other tracks, all of them deeply melodious. Check out more of JokShan here and Boy Nash here.

My last shoutout goes to the host: mate, you really nailed your attempt to do a freestyle. Never give up trying 😉

As a result I can say that this was definitely not my last time attending an MOE Presents show, nor was it my last visit to Ritzy. I met some genuinely talented people and had the chance to broaden my musical horizon once again. Until next timeeee.



Misunderstood – Ghetto Style

Do you know that feeling when only the rhythm of a song makes you want to dance and sing along immediately? That is exactly how I felt when I listened to Ghetto Style by Misunderstood – I just instantly wanted to groove along. Unfortunately I couldn’t because I was stuck in my Uni’s library and everybody would have given me weird looks. Oh well…
But anyway, let me introduce you to the pop/R&B duo all the way from South East London, consisting of Stephan Benson and Jeff Okyere. Misunderstood was born when the duo met at school and found out about their mutual love for music, choreography and their experiences of a complicated childhood.

Our message is simple. Its about being free to be yourself. Its about being happy in you. Its about having fun. Its storytelling about the people who arent being shouted about. Youll see and hear that in everything; the music, our style and in our videos. Our personalities and beliefs are bottled into our music.” Stefan from Misunderstood

Written by both Misunderstood and Maegan Cottone (Little Mix, Britney Spears), Ghetto Style marks their debut single, however Benson and Okyere are no strangers in the scene anymore. Having supported the likes of Boys II Men, among others, on tour, they set their footprints into the world of music a while ago already and now that their debut has officially been released they are surely not going anywhere.

So long story short, if you are in the mood to listen to a cheerfully energetic and bubbly track, then press play below:



Moving abroad – a trap?

Moving abroad sounds so exciting. A new country, new people, new chances. Letting go of all the bullshit you faced at home. What will await you? What kinda people will you meet? Will you finally have success?

I have moved countries quite a few times already. Well, with a few times I actually mean twice. Three times if you count moving back to Germany. Whenever I told people about it they sounded super excited, like ‘Wow, how can you do this’, ‘this is so scary, i could never leave my country/city for good’ etc. etc. Trust me, I heard this a lot, and still do. The first time I moved country, I moved to the Netherlands for my first study. While it was still one of the most adventurous years of my entire life so far (okay, I’m only 22 so my life hasn’t been long yet but imagine leaving the country full time when you are sweet 18). However, it didn’t work out after all (more about that in a separate blog post where I’ll be talking about dropping out of uni, coming soon) so I moved back to Germany, my home country which I thought would never have to live in again. Not because I don’t like Germany, I mean come on, Germany’s awesome – the cars, beer, Christmas markets, – but I was just so sick of it. I felt like I needed to get away but apparently the Netherlands wasn’t where I was supposed to be. (I still consider moving to Amsterdam in case I get deported because of Brexit). Anyway, so back I was, facing awkward conversations about why I returned.
But fast forward three years and we are in the year 2017. Bored of my hometown, I just couldn’t wait to get out of there again, and when the perfect opportunity arose I took it and moved to London. So here I am since July, and I am here to stay.

Although, as appealing and heroic moving countries may seem, it is not as glamorous. Facts.
First of all, you are all by yourself. You need to start a completely new life, and basically leave your old one behind. You need to get your new bank account sorted, you need a national insurance number, all that. You need to cancel everything in your home country and re-do it in your new country. It sounds easy but it’s just long. Especially when banks keep refusing you. If you are lucky like me and already know some people in your new country then good for you, that can be a huge help! It has certainly been a huge help for me. But here is the next step, finding your squad. Plus the time figuring out if those people are really your kind of people. In your home country you have known your friends many years already probably but figuring out how brand new people are like takes some time. So far I think I have made the right choices though! Still, it can get lonely. And you’ll have to be super sociable in order to connect with people. Not so convenient if you’re a little granny.
Another thing is, you have to adjust to a completely new culture. British people are different in many ways. Not necessarily bad, but just different in their mentality. Also food-wise. In my case, I have been to London too many times already so I already knew a little about how things are running over here. Still, it’s different to Germany. There seems to be even more competition here, and sometimes, even in a city like London, you feel a little lost. You just have to adapt and step outside of your comfort zone. 

The probably biggest hurdle is keeping your friendships alive. Yeah, you will think its oh so easy, I’ll just keep in touch with everyone. Trust me, you won’t. When you move abroad you will realize who your real ones are. Those, who make effort to visit you, to keep in touch with you. Those, who make an effort to see you when you are on a break back home. And believe me, this won’t work out with everyone. Be prepared to be super busy when you move, with your new job or whatever it is you’re doing. You yourself will forget informing your people from home about your new phone number, you will forget texting back – things which make friendships fade away. As much as I want to avoid that, it just happens. And you’ll know what I mean if you ever move away.

While this all sounds rather negative, I can only say that I made the best decision ever of finally moving to London this year. Job-wise it is incredible, for someone who wants to work in the field of music journalism or music industry in general it’s just great. Only yesterday I was thinking about how much has happened since I moved here and I still can’t quite believe it. I made incredible friends, met so many like-minded people (shoutout to all of you) and had much more chances to focus on what I really want to do in life. Ever since I moved here, I have been learning how to take life in my hand (cause let’s face it, I’m 22 so I’ll have to get my shit together now init) without any next-door help anymore. So far it’s been overwhelmingly exciting.

So while moving abroad certainly has its negative sides, there are also many, many positive sides about it. Everybody is different though so you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Just be prepared to face the factors I have listed above. 🙂





RHEA – Views

South East London-based singer-songwriter RHEA is back with her latest offering! Following up on her debut single Dreams, which got released earlier this year and which you can read more about here, Views marks the second single of the skillful artist.

“Views is about stepping back & seeing things for what they are…this was written as commentary on the current wave of change sweeping through our lives & having been awoken to it. When a person makes a big choice there is always a ripple effect upon others.. Views is a song about, defiance, strength & staying true to oneself.”  – RHEA

Just like her debut single, Views showcases RHEA’s dazzlingly smooth and compelling vocals. However, compared to Dreams, this one represents even more confidence and talent by operating towards a more soulful and laid-back direction. Undermined by a clear electronic beat with gentle piano elements, this track brings out a sense of melancholia without a doubt.

Listen below: