Will Caminada: From Darkness To Light EP

An artist I have been featuring on here quite frequently, Will Caminada, has finally released his debut EP. Titled From Darkness To Light, the soul-inspired project comes with five tracks in total, including his previous singles Camouflage, Caterpillar and Groundlessness which have already been released earlier this year.

“The EP represents the journey from darkness to light. We have to acknowledge the darkness because there is no way we can skip to the light and know everything.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Maxwell or India Arie, Will’s music is strongly reminiscent of the 90’s soul era. Throughout his previous releases one message became pretty clear: The artist wants to convey the journey of breaking free by tackling every obstacles that are coming our way in order to find freedom and self-acceptance in the end. The adventure starts with Camouflage, his debut single, which focuses on self-acceptance, and smoothly transcends into Caterpillar, which succeeds the battle of finding self-love by cleverly using a Caterpillar as a metaphor. The journey continues with Groundlessness, a beautifully composed-song which centralises the issue of certainty. Not everything in life is foreseeable, hence we need to let the Universe guide us and Will brilliantly portrays this idea.

The two tracks on From Darkness To Light which Will hasn’t shared with us before are Ocean Flows featuring female rapper Lavz and Afterlife – and guys, while I’m a huge fan of his previous tracks I must say that those two songs are my absolute favourites of him so far.
Especially Ocean Flows is a tune that truly stands out.

“I love the ocean, whales are my spirit animals. I was having a conversation with my friend about subconscious minds, basically what is under the sea. There’s a lot we don’t know in our subconscious mind but when you allow yourself to go really deep and face your fears then you can find more peace.Once you go down there, it’s all okay and you can let your life flow. You’ll flow through life.”

After listening to to for the first time you will only want to listen to it more and more. The song starts off with Will’s smooth and compelling vocals, and eclipses into a chorus which is oh, so infectious! The cherry on the pie is Lavz’s feature which adds a genuine vibe to Ocean Flows with her buzzing rap flow. Both their vocals work amazingly well together, making this your new favourite track for sure.

“I love the verse Lavz wrote. She wrote it based on the concept and the lyrics and she nailed it! I love every word.”

But also Afterlife shouldn’t be slept on at all. This one has doubtlessly soulful and stirring vibes. Compared to other songs on the EP, Afterlife showcases a rather melancholically slow rhythm and brings Will’s stunning falsetto abilities into spotlight. Again, it represents an important message, which is the message of love and its never-ending limits.

“I have previously written songs about the loss of my dad and what I learned from it but Afterlife was inspired by a friend who lost his dad. I wanted to write a song to express that it will be okay, that I have been there and know how he feels. It was a message to say that everything will be okay because the love between two souls will always remain. We are still together, even if not physically.”

As a conclusion I can definitely say that From Darkness To Light is a compilation which is more than worthy to listen to, especially if you enjoy thoughtful and inspiring R&B and Neo-Soul.

Will Caminada’s EP Launch party will take place on December 18th at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, London. For more information see here

Listen to From Darkness To Light below:

Interview: Stonebwoy

Meet Stonebwoy, a Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall star. The artist has been making major waves over the past years which gained him several international awards, such as the BET Award for Best International Act.
Today marks the release date of his brand new album Epistles of Mama (EOM) – a double album which features Reggae on one side and Afrobeats on the other side, with clear Dancehall-driven influences. Each part contains eight tracks in total, and it is impossible to choose a favourite as each song is filled with passion and emotion. It doesn’t lack of guest artists either – the likes of Burna Boy, Sean Paul, Kabaka Pyramid or Sarkodie have all contributed to EOM and helped to create this album into a must-listen for every fan of those genres.

Last week I had a chance to meet the artist, and we had a chat about his album, Ghana’s music scene and much more. Read below!

How would you describe your signature sound in a few words?

My signature sound is word, sounds and power. You hear boom, you hear a word, a sound and power! It’s awakening, it also means blessings in his majesty. 

How did your artist name Stonebwoy come to life, how did you come up with that name?

Stonebwoy – stone comes from my name Living Stone and bwoy from the artistry side of things. I do Reggae, Afrobeats and Dancehall. So stone, and bwoy makes Stonebwoy aka the Stonegod, you get me?!

So Living Stone is your name?


Have you always considered doing music as a career? When did you write or record your first song?

When I was a child! I’ve been doing this for a very long time and music chose me. I love music so I gave it all my time and all my attention, and now we’re here today. 

Your music takes influence from Reggae, Dancehall and Afrobeats – do any artists across those genres inspire you? 

Definitely. I take influence from good music and place it onto my style which, as you can tell – is influenced by reggae, dancehall and afrobeats. 

Do you have an idol?

Music is my idol! No particular artist. There are lots of artists that I respect. So if there is one particular idol – it’s only music. Music as a person. 

Coming from Ghana, how has the country shaped you as an artist?

Ghana is a gateway in Africa, there is a lot of culture, lot of discipline and good morals. As a youth you will be programmed in a certain way to know your roots. Reggae is a conscious in Ghana. 

What is the music industry like in Ghana? What are good artists you can recommend?

It’s buzzing! We have Sarkodie, Samini, a lot more. A lot of talent.

Did you ever expect your music to go global and winning international awards?

I put in a lot of work and I wasn’t actually expecting it. My primary drive is to reach out to people for them to know that I am an African artist doing Reggae Music and Dancehall combined with Afrobeats. Every other thing will come with it. I don’t do music to win awards. It’s still nice, definitely.

So how come you decided to do one album focused on Afrobeats and one on Reggae?

Because the influences of those genres are really deep. I don’t just create one type of music, I create music covering everything. So with this album I decided to split the genres in two, one Reggae and one Afrobeats album – making it a double album. 

How did your collaborations with Sean Paul, Burna Boy etc. come about? 

It’s the music you know. You realise somebody suits the song. I had a collaborative mind set so that the album feels like a unit – Reggae and Afrobeats artists coming together. I reached out to artists I felt would make it beautiful in the long run. 

Can you explain me more behind the meaning of the name Epistles of Mama?

I wanted a title that wold sink down deep into the conscious minds. I know that my Mama is one of the biggest inspirations in my life and my music so I dedicated this album to hear. I also have a song called Mama on the album.

Do you have a specific favourite song of the album?

Not really. I’m not biased, I love every song! I’ll find my favourite. 

Obviously the Afrobeats is getting bigger and bigger in the UK as well, what do you think about that?

I believe that music is universal. I’ve got a huge song with Kojo Funds and hopefully do more with others here and get to know them personally and create a good musical relationship. 

What’s next for you after the album then? 

Doing videos, touring, and pushing, pushing, pushing this record! Musically I’ll be doing greater works. 

Listen to Epistles of Mama below:

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Live: The Goat aka Wretch 32

So last night I headed to the O2 arena in Shepherd’s Bush, not knowing that one of the best shows of my life would await me.
Unfortunately I was late which means I missed Angel as a support act – I love his music so it was a bit of a shame but oh well, the best part was still to come anyway. I’ve seen Wretch support other artists before – Yungen and Ray BLK for instance – but I’ve never been to one of his headline shows. He’s one of my favourite rappers out there so I was more than happy to finally being able to go to one of his gigs.

I must say, it was everything that I hoped for AND more!
Let’s talk about the stage set-up first. How many artists can claim having a full live-band, including drums, background vocalists and bass, on stage? I don’t think too many can if I am being honest. Nowadays a lot of rappers, singers, bands etc. are limited to only a DJ unfortunately. Well, Wretch could provide all that though. The purple, green or blue light effects throughout the show seemed to represent the mood of each track.

Secondly, his outfit! How exquisite was his outfit?! A black-white chequered two-piece was his choice of the night, and it looked greatly unique! That wasn’t the highlight though – underneath his jacket he wore a t-shirt that said Fr32 Libya, making everyone aware of the horrible circumstances of slavery in Libya. To top it all off, he gave an expressive speech about it as well – it’s always amazing when people use their huge platform to make everyone aware of those cases.

Let’s now continue to the show though.Not too long ago his album FR32 dropped, an incredibly well-composed masterpiece which sounds even better live as I now know. Wretch 32 performed a wide array of his new songs, such as Colour Purple, Happy or His & Hers – each and every one of them performed with such an enormous and effortless passion and energy. I could really tell that he breathes his music.
He also showcased some from Growing Over Life, his previous album – 6 Words among other. But the oldies weren’t missing either – Traktor, a song which has been released in 2010, was part of last night’s setlist as well. It’s old but still oh, so gold. I mean, how extraordinary is the quote “My lifestyle is terribly wild but you’ll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle show“!?
Next to a stunning Young Fire, Old Flame reunion with Avelino, the goat aka Wretch 32 also brought out Stormzy for their collaboration 21 Gun Salute. This was one of my favourite moments because not only do I absolutely adore this tune but Stormzy also counts to my favourite artists. So what do you do when two of your favourite artists are sharing the stage? That’s right, you celebrate life and enjoy every second.

However, the biggest shutdown of the night was at the end of the show, when Wretch brought out Jahlani and, ultimately, Kojo Funds for their track Tell Me. Boy, I can’t even describe how hyped the energy was. The whole audience seemed to dance off their feet, it was a perfect ending to an undoubtedly brilliant show – probably the best show I have been to this year. Guys, if Wretch 32 is ever coming to perform in your city, don’t think twice – just buy tickets immediately ’cause you do not want to miss out on this. Trust me.



Today I would like to introduce you to this beautiful soul: BREANTONIA.
The other week I met her at one of the #NormalNotNovelty workshops at Red Bull Studios where she told me about her upcoming EP. Titled Organic, the project has now finally been released last week, and I must admit: Never had I expected to listen to such an amazing masterpiece!

The 6-songs long project starts off with the title song Organic which marks a clear introduction to what we can await from the upcoming songs – and it sounds promising.
Attraction, her debut single, follows, and it had me the minute I listened to it. Guys, this might actually be my new favourite song now! It boasts with incredibly smooth melodies and BREANTONIA‘s absolutely stunning vocals. Undermined by a rather lively beat, this one creates a vivid atmosphere and will most certainly get stuck in your head immediately.

But also the tracks Tonight and Daydreaming are truly remarkable, once again showcasing both her songwriting abilities and dazzling vocals. Especially Daydreaming stands out due to the singer’s soothing, wonderfully high-pitched voice combined with background chants which will literally make you fade away and daydream about how life could be. This one is probably my second favourite song of ORGANIC.
Where This Could Go follows, kicking off with a mystic-sounding beat. Soon after, we get to hear both falsetto and deep vocals – proving BREANTONIA‘s broad versatility. The EP closes off with Simple Life, a rather slow production and hence the perfect ending to a perfect compilation.
As a conclusion I gotta say: I’m so glad having met this talented artist and being able to get aware of her music. ORGANIC is a brilliant R&B – inspired EP, focusing on topics which are on everybody’s minds and flaunting true musical talent. Each song is unique yet still keeps the same soulful vibes.

Listen below:



Casscade – Sexy

Did you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, thinking how terrible life is and how unsatisfied you are with yourself and the annoying people around you? Well, those days are over now, and you can tell the toxic people in your life to stop texting you. Why, you ask? Because Casscade just dropped the perfect feel-good-and-dont-give-a-shit-about-negative-vibes anthem the other day!

The North West London – based rapper has had a pretty active year, from releasing his uplifting tune Living In The Moment – which got championed by Annie Nightingale and Charlie Sloth (BBC Radio) – to performing a pretty decent amount of shows. But the Too Rare To Die artist has even more exciting plans for 2018 which includes a new mixtape Method To The Madness – make sure to keep an eye out for that in the first quarter of next year because it’s gonna be filled with dope tracks, without a doubt!

So from now on, every day when you wake up, your motto should be: Wake up in the morning and I feel SEXY!

So wait no more and check out the track below. I can already see it being played in several nightclubs because this one is such a banger!

Lemzi x Tonia – Hidden Gems

The other day I went to a gig in Hoxton’s Zigfrid von Underbelly not knowing what would await me as I didn’t know the majority of artists before. But boy, I’m glad I went! I can’t emphasise enough how much I love those kind of intimate gigs where you get to know so much incredible talent.

Two artists caught my eye in particular with their performance, and they go by the names of Lemzi and Tonia. Both of them performed individually first but then got on stage together to perform their collaborative track Hidden Gems. Although this tune has been released in June already, I just have to feature it on here still ’cause you guys need to check it out!


The track kicks off with Lemzi and Tonia singing the chorus simultaneously which will make you realise their amazing vocal connection right away, without a doubt! Tonia then continues with her verse and I must say: She’s got such an incredibly strong voice and you can really feel her passion for singing. I’m not lying when I say that she reminds me a little bit of Lauryn Hill with both her rapping and singing skills!
Let’s not forget about Lemzi’s vivid and compelling rap flow though. The East London-based artist doesn’t hold back and showcases a rare eclectic rhyme pattern, making you wanna vibe along immediately.
The track includes nothing but positive vibes and an important uplifting message. So what are you waiting for? Press play below:

Positive Vibration – Festival Of Reggae 2018

I love Reggae Music. Those who know me are well aware of the fact that Bob Marley is my favourite artist of all times! But not only his music, the genre of Reggae in general gets me in such a mellow and relaxed mood and literally gives me positive vibes.
So obviously I was really excited when I found out about this Reggae Festival in Liverpool next year. You can find the details below:

Since its inception in 2016, Positive Vibration – Festival of Reggae has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most exciting and eclectic reggae festivals, playing host to internationally renowned bands, legendary sound systems & selectors and some of the brightest new talent.

2018’s festival is no exception, with some absolute heavyweights already confirmed, including Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band, Adrian Sherwood and Creation Rebel, and Sister Nancy and Legal Shot Sound System amongst many others, with more announcements to come.

Taking place over the 8th & 9th June 2018 across the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, the festival also sees the return of The Art of Reggae Exhibition – a successful collaboration between Positive Vibration and the International Reggae Poster Contest.

The exhibition, which supports the Alpha Boys School in Jamaica, will showcase 100 reggae-inspired posters, designed by illustrators & artists from over 70 countries. Submissions are open until 1st March 2018 via http://www.reggaepostercontest.com

I will catch you there 🙂

Land Before Bedtime ft. MdotR – Flex

Earlier this year I have presented to you Harley Light aka Land Before Bedtime‘s track Broadway – now the singer is back with a brand new single.
Titled Flex, this song is all about that immediate physical attraction between a girl and a boy in a nightclub – I’m sure you all know what I am talking about! The new release tries to showcase that exact situation and genuinely conveys the vibes of night out with its intoxicating and dancy atmosphere. Dancehall artist MdotR is featuring the track, providing the perfect addition to Flex with his Caribbean vibes.

I did some research on the collab and got in contact explained what I was doing in music and showed him the tune and he loved it and agreed pretty much immediately so it was really fortunate and organic”.

Stay tuned for more to come from Land Before Bedtime – he will kickstart 2018 with his full length release so keep an eye out for that!

Listen to Flex below.


RaysMuzik – 8een

Another artist who has been on my radar this year is UK Afrobeats artist RaysMuzik.
In order to bring some much needed bright summer vibes to this dull and cold weather, he just dropped his new track 8een – the follow-up from his previous single For Me ft. Sona and DJ Sean which got major support from leading industry platforms and tastemakers.

This record is about that special woman I wish for in my life – that one special person who has ‘never let me down’. I appreciate how rare long-term relationships can be these days, and this is just my ode to staying together, through thick and thin. Working with JoshuaBeatzz was special; we pushed each other to deliver a new and fresh sound, fusing R&B, Reggae and Pop, and complimenting it with my Afrobeats background”. – RaysMuzik

Produced by JoshuaBeatzz (J Hus, Belly Squad), this song once again showcases a truly uplifting sound with its genuine combination of R&B, Pop, Reggae and Afrobeats. RaysMuzik‘s intoxicating and vivid vocals added, this song invites you to dance along immediately without a doubt. The singer made 8een an anthem about long-distance relationships – a difficult issue which doesn’t succeed very often. However, he remains positive about it as he is willing to commit to his special woman through all times.

Listen and watch the accompanied visuals, directed by Visionnaire Pictures, below:



Interview: Patrin

By now you guys should know that North West London is slowly but surely becoming the booming centre of music with all its incredibly talented rappers and singers. Among them is Patrin.
The Harlesden-based artist started writing from a very young age already and finally released his debut mixtape Time Will Tell not too long ago – a both lyrically and vocally remarkable and unique project, coming with 12 tracks in total which are covering thought-provoking and profound topics such as issues in today’s society, self-encouragement or reflections on past events.

His latest single taken from it is Things Change, Things Change – a truly intoxicating track featuring the stunning vocals of songstress Carmy Love (who is Too Rare To Die Casscade’s sister as I now found out, obviously talent must run in the family). Discussing the topic of change, Patrin evaluates the process of change and growth as an artist and reminisces of an old friend.
I sat down with the gifted wordsmith and we had a fun chat about how he started writing songs, his mixtape, and more. Read below.

First of all, the usual basic question – can you tell me a little about you and how you first started making music?

I go by the name of Patrin, I’m an artist – I make music but I started off doing poetry. From poetry I then developed into doing music. But I still do poetry because I love the sound of poetry, people can take in your words more. It’s not necessarily to a beat, I love that the most. About myself, I’m just a young, aspiring guy on my way as most people. Just loving what I do, just hungry. 

How did you start getting into poetry then?

Into Poetry…To be fair, I’ve always been able to write, it was always one of my skills. I have always loved writing. I use it as an exhale to let out my thoughts because I’m a deep thinker so I gotta let it out. Also, when I was younger I used to play football, I thought I was gonna be the best footballer in the world [laughs] but unfortunately that didn’t happen so it pushed me towards music, and poetry. 

At what age did you start writing?

Writing…Oh man, probably in year 6? How old are you in year 6, I’m guessing like 10/11? So yeah at 10/11 years old I wrote my first rap. It wasn’t the best but I tried, I tried.

Everybody has to start somewhere!

Exactly, exactly! I tried. 

How did your music style develop over the years?

I would say at first, when I started doing music I thought I really want to get out quick, I wanna make money off it quick. So I adjusted my style but I realized quick that that wasn’t who I was. So then I started adjusting to how I felt more comfortable, some people call it conscious – I call it real and honest, I want it true, I want it to be timeless and honest. That’s how I developed it. 

How would you describe your musical style in three words?

Three words… [laughs]. Honest, open, vulnerable. 

Which artists do you look up to then?

I look up to many artists, many figures. But in terms of artists I listen to… I listen to a lot of Tupac, a lot of Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, Wretch 32, Youngs Teflon, a lot of Too Rare To Die as well. So yeah man, I listen to a lot!

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with one day?

The Compozers. I love The Compozers! I think they are dope, I love The Compozers a lot. Who else… There is a lot of dope singers out there. There is Jorja Smith. I’m watching the scene, there’s a lot of young guys doing their thing right now which I like a lot. I feel like it’s been a long time coming so yeah… 

There are a lot in the North West area right?

Yeah, North West is coming! It started a little bit on a back foot behind but it’s coming up and taking over.

Definitely. So about your mixtape, why exactly did you call it Time Will Tell?

You know what, I was actually trying to think of a name. Like how can I call this any meaningful. But then I said to myself to not worry about it too much, and to focus on the music because the rest will come up init. The more and more I started working on the tape, the more I came up with the name Time Will Tell. I feel like I work with a matter of time, I feel like I have a will and the rest is kinda linked to that. Time Will Tell. 

How long did the recording time take, or the writing process?

The recording took me probably three weeks?! Over like two, three weeks. The writing takes the longest. I’m very specific with the lines that I write. But I love writing anyway. The recording is never a problem.

Do you have your own studio at home? 

No I don’t! I’m actually working on a set-up but I can’t engineer! I need to learn how to engineer. I kinda love the studio vibe as well, you know?! But it is definitely something I do need to learn. 

Your mixtape showcases a lot of emotions and deep thoughts, what are the key topics you want to portray?

Obviously I feel like painting a picture, Michelangelo creating a sculpture, that’s what I’m doing with the words, picturing them like a sculpture. I want to keep it honest, open and timeless. Those are the key things I have always wanted to portray. 

Did you base the songs on real live events?

Definitely, a hundred percent. If not my own personal ones then other real life events. In Things Change I talk about a friend of mine, how we haven’t spoken in a while. Then the song Well Wishes where I talk about a friend who is in jail at the moment, and it is based on a conversation we had. I’m trying to keep it real, I don’t wanna make music just for the sake of it. 

Do you have a personal favourite song from your mixtape? 

Ahh you are kidding me, it changes all the time! If I had to think, I would say… probably Don’t Low Your Worth. When I wrote the second verse I shed a tear because it’s that personal . That one gets to me the most, it comes from a deep personal perspective. But I like all my songs. 

“I became more open, more honest, free and less insecure. I have developed my musical style sonically . I learned how to make music. Before, I knew how to write but now I can form a whole song, chorus, verse…I’m still learning, so I’m still growing. I’m enjoying it.”

About your new single Thing’s Changed, Thing’s Changed- How did your collaboration with Carmy Love come about? 

Carmella, Carmy Love! She is the sister of a friend of mine, you know Casscade from Too Rare To Die? That’s his sister. She came through and just killed the track! Check her out!

For the visuals you added your song Stay in the end, is there any connection between the songs?

You know what it is, Stay I recorded because I wrote it and then I was filming a song called Letter 2 World with my videographer William Clarke, and he was like yo, he’s got a new camera, so he wanted to film with the new camera but we had started the video with his old camera, so he asked if I have any songs which spring off the top, which I know by heart and can freestyle. So I added it to Things Change, Things Change. Everyone was like “where’s the next video, where’s the next video”, it took quite a while until I brought out Things Change, Things Change . So that’s how it came about. 

That’s so interesting to find out why some shots look older than others in the visuals! But anyway, coming from North West London – how has the scene here shaped you? Because obviously it is kind of different than, let’s say, South, right?

I think it’s kind of the same topics, the same struggle. I rap about things I see on a day to day basis so I talk about things in my surrounding. So being in Harlesden definitely shaped me, I rap about the things going on here. But whether you are in Hackney, Tottenham etc., the struggle is similar. I don’t think the sound is different, the message is the same, I feel like everyone is talking the same language. I just feel like North West has got a lot of talent, so much talent. 

What is your favourite thing about music?

It’s being a vessel. A vessel to be able to speak to people. Everything I write is honesty so I want to prophecy it to the rest of the world.

Finally, what is next for you?

More shows, more music, more videos. I’ll probably put out another project.

Oh really?

[Laughs] You’re gonna hold me to that init, nah but next year maybe. I just want more music, shows, more public speaking, more everything. I don’t know what next year holds. I need to get my headline show sorted! It’s on my bucket list, next year I definitely want to do a headline show. Hold me to that!

That’s a wrap!

Check out his mixtape below, you will not regret it.

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