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Music And Other Stories Presents: Emiko

For this episode I linked up with a fellow West Londoner: Emiko. Only last year the singer graduated with a Law degree from University but decided that music was his true calling instead. After making this decision, he found himself at The Voice UK swiftly after where he joined Team Jennifer Hudson - performing as Ox alongside his mate Ant, together forming the duo Ant & Ox. However, this year Emiko is ready to take over...

Music & Other Stories Presents: Mercy’s Cartel

The other week I met emerging singer Mercy's Cartel all the way in the beautiful city of Bristol. Born in Essex, she moved to Bristol for her studies and ultimately decided to pursue music. Although Mercy is only at the beginning of her journey so far, she has already been voted 3rd in The Barclays & The Tabs Future 100 Women To Watch in 2017, graced stages at festivals and has been championed on...

Music & Other Stories Presents: Lemzi

For the very first episode of my brand new feature series I have caught up with one of London's most talented emerging artists - Lemzi. Member of the collective Exclusive, music mentor for the youth and planner of his very own events series Hidden Gems, the ingenious and gifted rapper is on his steady climb to take over the scene by storm. Watch my interview with him below, and find out more about the East...