STATEMEANT – the label with an inspiring message



I’m all about positive vibes, conscious topics and social matters. Which is why I was really happy when the fashion brand STATEMEANT asked me to be part of their new collection.

The label, founded in 2010, stands for the above mentioned words and describes itself as a ‘conscious movement with conscious clothing for the conscious individual’. The materials used are a 100% ethical, also produced in an ethical environment. The themes are inspired by events taking place in the Middle East, Africa or simply in the UK, making Statemeant truly stand out from other brands with its vision.

They recently launched their new collection, ranging from hats to track suits to jackets. The designs are created in a simple yet uniquely recognisable way, and also super comfy and warm as I found out – absolutely perfect for winter season! I can especially recommend the tracksuit and the bomber jacket 🙂 Check some of their new range out below, and check out their website here.

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photo credits: Ian Upton

Life happens at the end of your comfort zone

I don’t even know how to start writing this article so I’m just gonna go with the flow of writing and see how it goes. I’m writing this article sitting at the airport in Dublin, reminiscing of the past two days. Dublin is a city I have never been to before, I have never even been to Ireland before. Oh yeah, and I went here by myself because I thought why not. I know some people who are going to Uni here but that’s about it. It is not my first time travelling somewhere on my ones but when I did I always knew my way around because I had been to those cities before. This time it was different. No matter if where you’re going you know people or not, travelling alone is always a challenge. It sounds pretty exciting but sometimes it’s actually quite scary – when you don’t know the area and have no idea in which direction you could run to in case something might happen.

Imagine you’re a phone addict just like me (unfortunately) and you find out that your data roaming doesn’t work when you step out the plane. How are you gonna order your Uber from the airport to your accommodation now? How are you going to find your way around now, without constantly having access to Google Maps? Now you have to plan every trip, every bus journey, every step ahead. But what are you going to do when you accidentally (or out of stupidity) get out at the wrong bus stop and you have no idea where you are because it is outside of the city? You might actually have to ask people for directions – human interaction, crazy isn’t it!
There are ups and downs when travelling alone. First of all, your patience will be proven and very often it can get extremely thin. Also, you have a high risk of getting lonely. If you don’t know anything or anyone in a new place, you think to yourself if this has really been the right decision or if it had been better to just stay at home in your familiar surroundings. Then, if you suffer from social anxiety you might get intimidated quickly. You might think “Will people notice I’m not from here?”, “Will I look like a loner when I’m chilling in a cafe on my ones?” “What if I don’t understand their dialect?”

Calm down! Yes, you will have to consider those things but why would you always want to stay in your comfort zone? Life happens outside your comfort zone, as terribly cliché as it sounds. If there’s one thing I keep learning over and over again, it’s that losing your shit doesn’t help the situation. At all. If anything, it makes it much worse.
Truth is, nobody cares if you have breakfast by yourself. Especially not when you seem to mind your own business anyway by appearing busy with a book or a laptop or whatever. Nobody will murder you when you speak to them, ask them for directions or else (unless the person really is a criminal but let’s pretend that’s not the case).

Traveling alone has more advantages than disadvantages. Being away from everyone and everything, even if only for a few days, helps to clear your mind a lot. You have a lot of time for yourself, and you can soak in a lot of new inspiration. Because that’s what travelling does to you – it inspires you. New people, new food, new cultures – it broadens your horizon. And if you are on your ones you see it from a whole new and different perspective because you don’t have anyone by your side who may influence your opinion and who rushes you around. When you are traveling alone you can decide your very own flow without having the constant feeling of bothering your companion by your short or quick pace. You can do whatever YOU like. Traveling alone motivates you in so many different ways and I can only encourage you to do it at least once in your life.

The end.


An EP about domestic abuse: Summer Days & Winter Nights (Chapter 1)

‘You tell yourself “I like this about him…oh wait, I also like this about this other guy.” Every day in our life we are questioning our choices. But guess what, deep deep down on the inside the answer is somewhere within us. You’ll find it. ‘

Domestic violence and abuse: a topic which is not spoken out about enough and sadly still a taboo topic in society sometimes – only less than half of the cases get reported to the police though as it is not easy to speak up about it and the fear of the partner finding out is often higher than the pain and suffering. According to a survey, over 1 million abuse-related cases were recorded in England and Wales alone last year.

“A Women Empowerment EP based on my mothers Domestic Abuse Experience. I decided to create this powerful project in the hope of giving women worldwide Courage & Strength , to those going through it and those who sadly went through it.” – KXNG JUNIOR

One artist who processes this topic through music is Kxng Junior, one of the singers I discovered at MOE Presents last Monday. The London-based singer joined rapper Lavz on stage to perform chapter 1 of their collaborative EP Summer Days & Winter Nights (featuring Francis Oshy). Based on the relationship of Kxng Junior’s mum, chapter 1 discusses the battles of an abusive relationship. The different points of view are genuinely portrayed by Lavz being the female side and Kxng Junior being her partner – the 9-minute long track is split into an ongoing discussion between the two of them, creating the feeling of a real-life situation.

“When you go through a tough and difficult relationship, courage is that one thing you need. Don’t tell me you don’t have it. You do. More than you can imagine.”

Chapter 1 has truly touched me. The way Kxng Junior, Lavz and Francis Oshy have created it is legitimately authentic and touches the issue in a very honest and genuine way. If you ever experienced domestic abuse or know someone who has, then you should definitely listen to it as these artists are trying to encourage everyone who has or had to deal with it. Even if you haven’t, you should press play because you do not want to miss out on these talented rappers. Chapter 2 coming soon.

Moving abroad – a trap?

Moving abroad sounds so exciting. A new country, new people, new chances. Letting go of all the bullshit you faced at home. What will await you? What kinda people will you meet? Will you finally have success?

I have moved countries quite a few times already. Well, with a few times I actually mean twice. Three times if you count moving back to Germany. Whenever I told people about it they sounded super excited, like ‘Wow, how can you do this’, ‘this is so scary, i could never leave my country/city for good’ etc. etc. Trust me, I heard this a lot, and still do. The first time I moved country, I moved to the Netherlands for my first study. While it was still one of the most adventurous years of my entire life so far (okay, I’m only 22 so my life hasn’t been long yet but imagine leaving the country full time when you are sweet 18). However, it didn’t work out after all (more about that in a separate blog post where I’ll be talking about dropping out of uni, coming soon) so I moved back to Germany, my home country which I thought would never have to live in again. Not because I don’t like Germany, I mean come on, Germany’s awesome – the cars, beer, Christmas markets, – but I was just so sick of it. I felt like I needed to get away but apparently the Netherlands wasn’t where I was supposed to be. (I still consider moving to Amsterdam in case I get deported because of Brexit). Anyway, so back I was, facing awkward conversations about why I returned.
But fast forward three years and we are in the year 2017. Bored of my hometown, I just couldn’t wait to get out of there again, and when the perfect opportunity arose I took it and moved to London. So here I am since July, and I am here to stay.

Although, as appealing and heroic moving countries may seem, it is not as glamorous. Facts.
First of all, you are all by yourself. You need to start a completely new life, and basically leave your old one behind. You need to get your new bank account sorted, you need a national insurance number, all that. You need to cancel everything in your home country and re-do it in your new country. It sounds easy but it’s just long. Especially when banks keep refusing you. If you are lucky like me and already know some people in your new country then good for you, that can be a huge help! It has certainly been a huge help for me. But here is the next step, finding your squad. Plus the time figuring out if those people are really your kind of people. In your home country you have known your friends many years already probably but figuring out how brand new people are like takes some time. So far I think I have made the right choices though! Still, it can get lonely. And you’ll have to be super sociable in order to connect with people. Not so convenient if you’re a little granny.
Another thing is, you have to adjust to a completely new culture. British people are different in many ways. Not necessarily bad, but just different in their mentality. Also food-wise. In my case, I have been to London too many times already so I already knew a little about how things are running over here. Still, it’s different to Germany. There seems to be even more competition here, and sometimes, even in a city like London, you feel a little lost. You just have to adapt and step outside of your comfort zone. 

The probably biggest hurdle is keeping your friendships alive. Yeah, you will think its oh so easy, I’ll just keep in touch with everyone. Trust me, you won’t. When you move abroad you will realize who your real ones are. Those, who make effort to visit you, to keep in touch with you. Those, who make an effort to see you when you are on a break back home. And believe me, this won’t work out with everyone. Be prepared to be super busy when you move, with your new job or whatever it is you’re doing. You yourself will forget informing your people from home about your new phone number, you will forget texting back – things which make friendships fade away. As much as I want to avoid that, it just happens. And you’ll know what I mean if you ever move away.

While this all sounds rather negative, I can only say that I made the best decision ever of finally moving to London this year. Job-wise it is incredible, for someone who wants to work in the field of music journalism or music industry in general it’s just great. Only yesterday I was thinking about how much has happened since I moved here and I still can’t quite believe it. I made incredible friends, met so many like-minded people (shoutout to all of you) and had much more chances to focus on what I really want to do in life. Ever since I moved here, I have been learning how to take life in my hand (cause let’s face it, I’m 22 so I’ll have to get my shit together now init) without any next-door help anymore. So far it’s been overwhelmingly exciting.

So while moving abroad certainly has its negative sides, there are also many, many positive sides about it. Everybody is different though so you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Just be prepared to face the factors I have listed above. 🙂





Why I think productive days are important

Everybody has them, these days when you just feel bare uninspired, when you just don’t know what to do with yourself and watch the day go by without having done a single productive thing. It’s absolutely human and respectable to have days like this because I mean we are no machines. We need days to rest, days to binge-watch that new TV show we just discovered, days to order pizza and do nothing.
But then again, we also need days on which we are productive, days on which we get a lot of work or networking done, days after which we can feel proud of ourselves because we have been out there and actually done stuff.

Yesterday I had one of those productive days. Ever since I came to London, my life has been a lot more productive than when I still lived in Munich until about four months ago (This being said, how can it only be four months?! It honestly feels like a lifetime since I live here). Now, that doesn’t mean that I have been out there grinding every day – I’m a pretty comfortable (sometimes too comfortable) person to be honest. But every time I attend a networking event, or a music gig, or just anything where I meet like-minded people or just people who work in the music industry, I feel incredibly inspired afterwards!
But back to yesterday. As a representative for 1883 Magazine I was invited to attend a so-called Tupac-inspired urban dance class in order to celebrate the DVD release of All Eyez On Me, the official biopic of the legendary rapper. I had no idea what would await me expect learning some new dance moves alongside Tupac tunes.
So when I arrived, I met all these other lovely attendees – some who are quite popular in the scene already. Having a chat with some of them was immensely inspiring. Not only because they work in my desired field, but also because they shared their story and how they eventually reached the position they are in today. It made me realize that patience really is the key, that you cannot expect greatness on day one. It made me apprehend that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that you need to be ambitious enough and grind hard to get where you wanna be.
I know, that’s no news but you know what, these facts honestly become more reasonable and more clear once you hear it from people who literally know what they are talking about and who have built themselves a real name in the scene. Not only did I leave the dance class event with the wish to learn hip hop dancing and to listen to California Love all day long – I also left the event with a huge smile on my face, and with a lot of faith in myself. Faith, that I will achieve greatness if I put in enough effort. Faith, that I am willing to be patient (I’m a proper impatient person just so you know) because it is all going to work out eventually. I left the event feeling the most inspired in a long time, in a proper mood to really focus on my own journey and my projects and plans for real now. I left with the persuasion that I cannot slack off as much anymore.

So basically, what I want to say is that days like this are really important once in a while! They can lift you up more than you might expect it, they can give you new energy and new belief in yourself. So once in a while we should make the effort to get out there and try to connect with people who inspire you or teach you something useful. Chilling is great, but it cannot beat the feeling of new motivation. So overcome your inner swine and get out there. Get inspired, get encouraged – It’s more valuable than you might think!

And now, California Love for you below because it’s stuck in my head.




Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

So you decided to go out with your friends, you are trying to have a great night out after all the hard work at, let’s say, Uni or your job. You are so ready to have a glass of wine or two, or three and forget about all your daily stress. But then they enter the bar, a gorgeous group of girls, probably models in their spare time, and all of a sudden you feel really bad about yourself. That body, that hair, that incredibly cool style – why are you not blessed with all that? Why does this girl have those amazing characteristics, why does that girl look stunning like that? …. And your night is ruined. You cannot stop comparing yourself, you are proper intimidated. The feeling in your stomach gets worse and worse and you just feel like crap. The enjoyment of having a decent night out is gone immediately, you just want to go home and not see anyone, because you think you are not good enough for anyone. You remember why you barely go out anymore these days. You have downgraded yourself once again and anxiety is about to kick in big time.

Does that story sound familiar to you? Why do we do that? Why do we always have to compare ourselves to others? Why are we never satisfied with ourselves, with our flaws, with our beauty? Why can’t we just accept ourselves the way we are? Everyone is different! You are you, you are incredible in your own way, even though you don’t realize it yourself sometimes! Nobody is the same, everybody has got flaws. Sometimes they are more visible than others, but nobody is perfect. Facts!

The same goes for people more successful than you. You cannot compare your chapter 2 to somebody elses chapter 10. It sounds like a cliché but it’s true. You simply cannot compare yourself with people like that have started with what you want to do way before you! Everything takes its time, progress takes time! If you grind hard enough then you will eventually achieve all your goals and soon reach your desired level. Hard work is required though, it does not work without that! But be kind to yourself. Even though you might not have reached your ultimate goals yet you should appreciate how far you have come! At which level were you one year ago? Probably far behind to where you are right now! Credit yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself “Well done!”.
If I think about my position, with what I want to do, exactly one year ago I should be proud of myself right now. Because I was nowhere, really. Now, one year later, I have interviewed so many popular singers, bands or even actors/actresses. People I am listening to regularly, people who I’m watching on my Netflix TV shows. And soon two of my interviews will be showcased in a freaking print magazine. Through my work I have met people who now count to the closest people in my life. I wouldn’t ever have imagined to come that far in only a year.
Write down your progress on a regular and you will see how many amazing things you are getting done, how far you have come. We should all be proud and not always be so hard on ourselves. It sounds so cheesy, but life really is a journey. Everything happens step by step, and you can’t force things to happen immediately. Progress happens in your very own time zone. 

Truth is, nothing good ever came from comparing yourself to others, no matter how you compare yourself! So give yourself some credit, write down what you like about yourself, think about what amazing, unique characteristics you have or keep track of all your progress! You are amazing. xx

headline quote by Roosevelt.

Talent vs. Popularity

One topic which keeps annoying me is that these days it seems that talent is no longer priority number 1 in the music scene. Followers, views, the right connections – those factors appear to be more important than actual musical talent. But why?
I don’t want to name any certain artists now but certain rappers/singers keep on doing the exact same stuff: they use (nearly) the same beat for all their tracks which lack of creative lyrics. I mean, it’s cool, we get it – you like fxcking bitches, getting paper and riding your German whip (good decision though, Germany rules) but do you have to sing about that in each of your songs? Where’s your versatility man? But all that doesn’t seem to matter because it’s gonna be a ‘banger’ anyway. Why? Because people pretend to like it by being influenced from major industry leaders who support that stuff. Why though?
Then there are people in the entertainment industry who are not even musicians but drop a song out of fun and booom, it goes viral! Like proper viral. All because they are super popular in the scene. What a punch in the face that must be for some artists who are really putting in effort.

Some artists out there are really making incredible music, and when I say incredible I mean it. Yet they are being slept on. Because they don’t have enough views or followers or are simply not on the radar of too many people. It’s just a shame really.
Recently, JME from BBK talked about just that: Getting rid of the importance of followers or numbers in general – because it is so much more important to focus on the actual thing. It’s true though. If you had to choose between watching a music video with 100k views and one with 1k – which one would you watch? If you are being honest, you’d rather watch the one with more views because you might think that this person does a much better job, am I right? Can we just let go of that attitude, please? Can we please start focusing on talent again, instead of instagram popularity and all that? Because this is not all it takes! We are missing out on so many great, talented artists because of that.

What Is Groundlessness? A chat with singer-songwriter Will Caminada

Just one week ago, aspiring London-based singer-songwriter Will Caminada shared his brand new single Groundlessness, the follow-up of his song Caterpillar which was premiered on Music & Other Stories earlier this year (find it here). As his previous releases already showcased the journey from darkness to light, Groundlessness again touches that topic but rather represents the power of letting go of certainty. Meditation plays a huge role in Will’s life, and having been massively inspired by Pema Chödröm’s book ‘Taking The Leap’, he tried to convey his experiences in the new song.

I had a chat with Will about his single and why he thinks that meditation can help to let go of the never-ending fears and struggles. He shares his journey to his own personal improvement and what he means by ´´
Read below and get inspired, it’s a very important topic! I hope you can take something from it.

The song

Musically it’s still the same kind of vibe that I’m doing – a mixture of R&B, Soul, Pop. But I guess this one is a little different because the tempo is a little bit faster and it’s got a little bit more groove. 

“I was reading a book called Taking The Leap by Pema Chödröm. She’s a Buddhist master, and there was a moment when she was talking about how reluctant human beings are to uncertainty. Then she mentioned the word Groundlessness and I was like ‘wait a second! I like this word’. I googled it and found out the meaning. Groundlessness is the place where you find all the uncertainty in your life, your fears, insecurities and worries…you see it, but you’re okay with it, you’re comfortable with all your uncertainties. I realized that everything in life is uncertain – every day, every week, every tomorrow. Yet we are always chasing certainty. I believe that life is a journey, you just have to keep walking, one step at a time. The only certainty is that we’re going to die one day. Just looking from this perspective I wonder: Why am I worried? We have to let go and live in the here and now, live in the moment. Every next minute is uncertain. At the same time it is hard because we are programmed to just think about what we are gonna do next, and have the illusion of having control about what happens next.”


“In the book she talked about that being with yourself can help. It sounds vague to hear ´look inside yourself for the answers´. But through the practice of meditation I understood what this means. It’s a way to be okay with Groundlessness. In my song I sing about letting go and the Universe guide, which may also sound a bit vague, because how can you just let it guide you? There isn’t a recipe but when you spend more time with yourself, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day you just let your thoughts go and you´re more in touch with your feelings. That’s the power of meditation when you practice it. There’s no judgement whether today was bad or good – every day is different. When you meditate, you dig in yourself. There are always days when you feel more anxious but it’s normal, move on and don’t get attached. It shouldn’t be a game of winning and losing. So all in all, the more you do it the closer you are to your true self. That’s what I mean by letting the Universe guide’. If you’re always caught up in the drama then you won’t be able to properly listen to your inner voice. The invisible guidance I’m talking about is there available for everyone, it’s just a matter of being open to it. And even though I´m saying this and it sounds like I have it all figured out, the truth is I also struggle, feel anxious, worry, but the difference is now I have this tool to help me get through it.”

Find the guided meditation here

“Everything mentioned above is why I had the idea of creating a guided meditation as a bonus track. There are many kinds but visualisation is how I personally started. I have a friend who had a visualisation audio on her SoundCloud and I would do that everyday. You can do it everywhere!
I was unsure about doing that kind of bonus track, the intention wasn’t that I wanted to be a guru or anything like that. I just wanted to share it with the ones who are interested in that. You can listen to it on your headphones and close your eyes. It’s a simple practice, there is no good or bad, no finishing line. It’s like going to the gym, only that it’s a mind and soul workout. You won’t see progress in just a week, it’s about consistency. It might not even work for you though. Maybe you’ll feel better about walking in the park, then that’s your meditation! What I’m saying in the song is that we just have to keep walking, not being afraid of what is going to happen. If everything was certain, it’d be boring, right? Imagine going to play in a match, knowing your team will win anyway – what’s the point?”

“All we gotta do is try, and walk while we’re still alive”

WILL - press photo 02.jpg

SoulArt x Groundlessness

“It connects to your soul. The premise of SoulArt is whatever art we do comes from our souls. The most ideas I have come to me through meditation. Lots of times when I meditate I might write something afterwards. But that’s just my personal approach. Everything to me is art, it might be gardening, football, everything. What I’m trying to convey is that music is art. Everyone is an artist. Whatever your passion is – that’s art. It comes from your soul! I hope my song and meditation bonus track can inspire people.”

Listen to the song below!

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Why you should never lose sight of your goals and dreams

I decided to publish a (hopefully) inspiring blogpost every Wednesday now, so here we go again. Today I want to talk about why you shouldn’t stop working on your goals and what you could or should do to always keep focusing on them.

I’m sure all of you have goals in life. Maybe it’s getting a good Bachelor degree, travelling the world or getting the job of your dreams. Everybody has different ambitions and focuses on different aspects. It’s always fascinating and inspiring to find out who wants to achieve what. The downside is, it doesn’t fall into your lap. That’s just not how it works. You have to put effort in it. And with effort I mean a lot of effort.

However, it’s not always easy to keep grinding. Sometimes giving up seems to be the best accessible option and the exit to stop everything is too near. Sometimes you see others achieving greatness while you’re just sitting at home thinking “I can do way better than this person, this should be me”. Or sometimes you’re feeling like your hard work doesn’t get acknowledged anyway, so why keep trying.
I’m not going to lie, I often struggle with those exact reasons. I’m always trying to be positive about everything, if you know me then you’ve probably experienced my attempt of pushing away negative vibes already, but when I realize that others my age are so much further than me already, it tends to upset me and I’m close to saying “f*ck it!”. I believe everybody’s felt the same way, in my opinion those thoughts are completely natural. There will always be one of those days.

Important is though: Do not let your self-doubts let you down in any way! Yeah, sometimes you might fall, but the road of life is rocky!

It’s important to keep grinding and be badass! Try to be the best version of yourself and don’t try to prove others that you can do it. Prove it to yourself first.

Don’t compare yourself to someone who is already at chapter 5, when you are just about to complete chapter 1. Life is a journey – some people might have started going into their desired direction earlier than you, so it’s feasible that they are a step ahead.

What helps me to stay focused, is writing down things.
Step 1: What are your long-term goals? What are your short-term goals? Where do you see yourself in five years? I write down those kinda questions and try to answer them as realistically as possible.
Step 2:  How do approach your goals? What is the most clever way to achieve everything you just wrote down? Try to find the best way possible, try to find a way which suits your pace.
Step 3: Pin your list on a wall in your room, or on your mirror or wherever. Pin it somewhere you can always see it, so you never lose sight of it.
Step 4: Step by step you will find yourself crossing off one of your short-term goals which prepare you for your long-term goals.
Step 5: Be awesome!

We can all get where we want to be. Crucial is that, even if you don’t see the finish line, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there. ‘Cause you will, if you keep pushing yourself and don’t lose hope and patience. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day either 🙂 It will all be worth it in the end!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

To make it a bit more music-related, here’s a motivational song for you:




Why I think music is the best way to overcome anxiety attacks

(This is going to be a rather personal blog post.)

Being scared to leave the house for no reason, having irrational fears and creating problems out of nothing after googling why you are having a headache or overthinking about why someone special in your life didn’t text you back…which turns into sleepless nights – I believe most of you readers have dealt with anxiety attacks or major overthinking. So have I, and still do fairly often to be honest. You might now think “why is she sharing this on a public platform, this should be nobody’s business” – yes, it is personal but anxiety is nothing which you should be ashamed about. Hiding your anxiety issues is not the key to recovery, especially not in our century where so much bullshit is going on (excuse the swear word). It may still be frowned upon by society but seriously who cares about what society says what you should or should not talk about? So yeah, I’m going to talk about it. It will make me look anti-social (which I am definitely not, mostly anyways) but I hope someone might be able to relate or be inspired.

There are many versions of how to improve on frequent anxiety attacks or even overcome it. There would be Yoga, Meditation, working out,…the list goes on. As I am neither a big fan of Yoga or Meditation because I have major concentration issues, nor a gym enthusiast (which will soon change hopefully), music has always been the number one solution for me.
Whenever I am trying to sleep but failing due to loud thoughts in my head I am listening to music. Whenever I’m sitting on a park bench thinking about problems which await me when I’m going back home I am listening to music. Generally, whenever I’m feeling like there are just too many issues I cannot deal with in my mind I’m listening to music. I’m not talking about up-beat music such as Pop, Hip-Hop or anything too rousing – I’m talking about Soul, Reggae or dreamy pop. Mood music really. Think Lana Del Rey, H.E.R, Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran.
Listening to this kind of music makes me feel like I’m not alone. Melancholic, soulful songs with deep, sometimes heartbreaking, lyrics make me feel like there is someone who understands me. Sometimes I can relate, sometimes it lifts me up. Let me take Bob Marley’s High Tide Or Low Tide as an example. When I hear him sing “In high seas or low seas, I’m gonna be your friend” it makes me feel secure. This doesn’t mean that I have no friends, I do have incredible friends who are there for me (shoutout to you) but during moments of anxiety you simply feel lost in the world and feel like nobody understands you. And this is exactly why music helps me get through those kind of dark moments.

Wow this article is longer than planned. I would love your feedback, and I hope you enjoyed reading and weren’t bored.