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Music & Other Stories Presents: Emiko

For this episode I linked up with a fellow West Londoner: Emiko. Only last year the singer graduated with a Law degree from University but decided that music was his true calling instead. After making this decision, he found himself at The Voice UK swiftly after where he joined Team Jennifer Hudson - performing as Ox alongside his mate Ant, together forming the duo Ant & Ox. However, this year Emiko is ready to take over...

Premiere: Emiko – Is It Real

[spotifyplaybutton play="spotify:track:39DNAHwDGuBzGl9eBerkBP"/] The UK has got a new R&B talent and trust me when I tell you that he is going to conquer the scene by storm! When I listened to Is It Real by Emiko for the first time I was blown away. I was touched by the artist's extraordinary vocals which represent his pure passion for music and reflect his strong old school R&B influences. "Bringing people from wide and far together to experience something...