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2017 – The Highlights

2017. What a year. I don't even know where to begin with but let’s try. The other day I went to a listening party and met the guy whose music platform was the first one I ever wrote for, the start of my journey basically. I started getting into music properly back in 2015 (yeah that's late but better late than never am I righttt, I have always loved music but never thought about working...

Blaise Pascal – Blaise Pascal EP

...No, I am not talking about Blaise Pascal, the French scientist. I am talking about Blaise Pascal, the emerging future-soul singer. Raised in London, the artist quickly discovered his talent of singing in dancing which led him to receiving a scholarship at Sylvia Young, followed by a scholarship at the Rambert School of Contemporary Dance and Ballet. This eventually resulted in a career as a dancer which allowed him to travel all around the...


The amazing thing in the music business is that you always come across new artists with incredible talent. Today I found out about EBSON, an Alternative-Soul artist from London, who I'd like to introduce to you today. After his successful debut release of Adapt to Thrive (listen here ), which received support from the likes of Indie Shuffle or The 405, the artist, who finds inspiration within the surroundings of his city, is back with an incredible...