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VAS LEON – Leggo

There are snakes on every corner, fake people showing fake love to you (*Drake voice intended*) or simply those untrustworthy, shameless human beings who constantly consider themselves too good for something. Yes, those kind of people are out there. Sadly. "Done with the fake people, they don't get no love from me. LEGGO!" London-raised rapper, singer and producer VAS LEON has created the perfect anthem for that! Entitled Leggo, his brand new release genuinely portrays the,...

Stash Peso – Cold Dreams

Guess who's back, back again? Stash Peso is back. (tell a friend). The North West London-based rapper and Too Rare To Die member recently returned with a brand new song titled Cold Dreams. The timing couldn't be any better because it's gotten quite icy out there indeed and the feeling of warmth is rather overrated these days. So this track is basically perfect right now. The new release follows up on his EP Shine (listen here)...

Casscade – Sexy

Did you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, thinking how terrible life is and how unsatisfied you are with yourself and the annoying people around you? Well, those days are over now, and you can tell the toxic people in your life to stop texting you. Why, you ask? Because Casscade just dropped the perfect feel-good-and-dont-give-a-shit-about-negative-vibes anthem the other day! The North West London - based rapper has had a pretty...