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Music & Other Stories Presents: Tonia Soulbird

Introducing Tonia Soulbird, a singer I came across last year at a gig in Hoxton. When she was on stage I fell in love with her voice immediately and wanted to follow her journey.  Growing up going to church, Tonia was surrounded by music from a very young age, and ultimately found herself singing to her friends and rapping on the school bus all the time. Yes, she even tried out being a Grime MC,...

Lemzi x Tonia – Hidden Gems

The other day I went to a gig in Hoxton's Zigfrid von Underbelly not knowing what would await me as I didn't know the majority of artists before. But boy, I'm glad I went! I can't emphasise enough how much I love those kind of intimate gigs where you get to know so much incredible talent. Two artists caught my eye in particular with their performance, and they go by the names of Lemzi and...