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On Monday (23-05-2016) Nelly stopped for a show in my town regarding his “The Fix“- Worldtour. The event took place in a small concert venue in the outskirts of Munich- so of course I went there, and I must say: I enjoyed it a lot!

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm but Nelly didn’t come on stage until around 9 o’clock. When he finally appeared, the crowd went mental! The artist was in such a great mood and definitely knew how to make the show a memorable one. He got supported by two back-up rappers and a DJ who did a great job as well.

From Dilemma to Just A Dream to Die A Happy Man – Nelly performed his old skool bangers as well as his latest hits. It was a decent compilation of his most popular tracks. My personal favourite was Hot In Herre.


Written By: Antonia

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