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Patch – Point Of View

What exactly is a point of view? This is what Londoner rapper Patch is trying to find out in his latest release titled- you guessed it- Point Of View. His conclusion is the following:

“Point of view is me taking a moment to understand that the truth and essence of people and situations is based purely on the filter through which we as individuals look at them. It’s about knowing that we have the power to change that perspective at any time and experience life in new ways. It was inspired by me noticing that my happiness levels had grown over the course of a few months yet nothing around me had really changed, I was just living from a different Point Of View.”

Point Of View was produced by Canis Major and premiered on Complex UK. Already his former tracks 90’s and Sketchbook gained popularity through the major support from, among other, MTV The Clash Up or SBTV. 2016’s not over yet, so keep an eye out for more bangers from Patch.

When creating his songs, Patch goes after Drunken Philosophy/Embrace Your Contradictions, which is his very own concept of “encouraging myself and others to express all elements of who they are, even the bits that don’t make sense to the rest of the world”… “Like many of us I like to party but I’m also very passionate about philosophy and spirituality, so the phrase Drunken Philosophy sums that up.”


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