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Live: Wiley

With a slight delay of two busy weeks, here comes the review of the Wiley gig at Koko in Camden.

The doors got opened at 6pm on a Friday night, however my cool friend (shoutout to you if you read this) and I got to the venue at only 8pm-ish because we wanted to avoid the endless waiting for the artist. When we got there, the pre-acts, Ice Kid and Scratchy, were basically done with their show so it was time to wait for Wiley. And then there he was: With a grey tracksuit feeling all comfy, the godfather of Grime was ready to deliver an unforgettable show. While the gig was supposed to represent his album ‘The Godfather‘, which is not even out yet except one single that dropped hours before the show, the MC rather performed classics from  Wot Do You Call It to Chasing The Art.

After a few tracks it was time to introduce the first special artist to the crowd: P Money. I was never really aware of his music to be honest, but I really enjoyed his feature.
However, I was more excited about when Wiley brought Chipmunk to the stage. Here I have to be honest: Earlier I didn’t really care about the artist and didn’t support his music for several reasons. But I take it all back now after seeing him perform! He rocked the stage and dropped amazing bars, and now I’m actually a fan because without a doubt he’s a great MC.

As Wiley is, next to Roll Deep, also part of the Grime collective BBK I was hoping he would bring Skepta or JME on stage but I thought it would not happen after all. Jammer and Frisco appeared on stage and then….Skepta for real. The rather young and gentrified crowd cheered when he started perfoming Corn on the curb, a collaborative track with Wiley on his latest album Konnichiwa. I couldn’t hide my excitement either, I was so hyped.
But that wasn’t it yet. A few moments later, another special guest was announced, and that was no other than JME! My friend and I have already seen him at the Tinie Tempah gig earlier this year but only for a few minutes so this appearance was definitely more exciting and got us even more hyped. Skepta‘s brother, and co-founder of Boy Better Know, dropped several tunes from his album Integrity> such as Don’t@Me or Man Don’t Care, of course with support of the whole BBK crew, and Chip.

While everybody was worshipping Wiley for bringing Grime to life, the next half hour was rather all about JME, and when he jumped in the crowd to do stagediving it was clear that he had officially taken over the show (even though Wiley followed him into the crowd). In the end, the original star of the show didn’t even perform anymore himself, he was just enjoying the amazing atmosphere.
The whole show was a movie, what do you want more than only expecting to see Wiley but ending up getting a very impressive perfomance of the whole BBK crew (except Drake sadly) and some of the greatest grime MC’s? And that for less than 20 quid! It was definitely a night to remember.

Written By: Antonia

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