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Interview: Blayre Mic

A few posts back I have already introduced you to Blayre Mic, the singer-songwriter with the peacock-blue hair from Oakland, California. Today I had the amazing opportunity to interview the lovely artist about her work, her goals and her inspirations. Let me tell you, this emerging musician has a lot of plans for the future so make sure to check her out because she plans on taking over the music industry by storm! It was a pleasure to talk to her, but find out for yourself what she had to say, and read below!

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a bit of a feisty opinionated yet sweet and fun pop urban artist.

Your style is very extraordinary with the amazing blue hair and such. Who are your fashion idols?

Thank you! I think my biggest fashion idols would be Grace Jones, Gwen Stefani and definitely Alexander McQueen. He’s probably my favourite designer. Rest in Peace obviously, but I mean the collections every season are still so epic and so so amazing. I’m actually so happy they continued on with the name and I’m constantly inspired by everything that the brand does.

Has it always been your dream to become a musician? What made you decide to purchase this career path?

It has always been my dream to be a musician- I did the typical little girl thing with singing in front of the mirror with a hair brush and my mum’s make-up. When I was a young girl, I idolized Janet Jackson. When I saw her on stage- I was maybe 12 or 13 years old when she came out with the Janet album, and she was super sexy. And I saw her on TV and said to myself ‘That’s what I wanna do, that’s who I wanna be’. I started playing music at 6 so it all felt like a natural progression. Learning music at 6 and playing it would transpire into being on stage as a singer, performing it and yeahr. I don’t really come from an artistic family, I come from a sports family but I’m the only girl so I had to figure out a way to stand out from my brothers. So they did the sports stuff and I did the artistic stuff. But oddly enough I’m still quite a tomboy so I think I have the best of both worlds. I can do the rough tomboy stuff and then the feminine artistic stuff.

Do you find it hard to emerge in the music business, especially as a woman? Do you think there are more obstacles than being a man?

Oh, absolutely. I mean it’s definitely harder to be a woman in general than it is to be a man but I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s amazing being a woman. But in terms of the music industry- there are definitely different standards that are held for men than for women, the pressure is much harder as a woman and how we look is so much more of a part of just the brand, and how you sound. It’s a lot of ‘looking who I am’ first and the art kinda being the second thing whereas for men it’s the opposite I think. They let the art speak for itself but then the image comes after a lot of times.  That’s a bit of an unfortunate thing but I think it is very much so our way of really making our own spots in this business. Sometimes it can be a gift and sometimes it can be a curse.

For your S-X –produced remix of Love BPM you chose MS Banks as a feature artist. There are many female Grime artists in the scene, why did you choose exactly her, and how was your experience working with her and S-X?

First, it was sort of pitched to me that we should do a remix for my song and the idea to make a Grime remix came up.  At this time I was just getting into grime and familiarizing myself with it and there were a bunch of names thrown out and I wasn’t familiar with any of them but MS Banks. Her name was among the others that came up in the conversation. I wanted one of the hottest female Grime MCs on the track, so I asked if it’s possible to get her on my track. So my associates reached out to her management and my management and hers were on the same call and we basically just had a girls chat. We talked about the record, what we’re doing and yeah, it was a pretty distinct connection and I felt like I have known her for a while. She’s beautiful inside and outside. She wanted to be part of the track so I said let’s do this! I think 2017 is going to be super huge for her so it was a perfect time to collaborate with her.

Before I talked with her, S-X was already down to do the beat and he was wonderful. I really enjoyed working with both of them, and they were very open-minded and helped me turn my pop-song into what I’d like to call my homage to London.

Where do you take your inspiration for your songs, especially for Love BPM now?

All my music is based on life and experiencing it. I wanted to write about what’s relevant in people’s lives and mine, which is love. So I told my producer I really wanted to write a love song so he thought I meant a ballade. But I wanted a real love song you can dance to but has balls. It had to say something from a female perspective. Love BPM is all about wanting to take a relationship to the next level but being too scared about saying the L-word before the other person does. Because who wants to let themselves into a relationship only to not receive the same efforts by the other person. That’s why I keep saying “Test me, I’ll break your heart!” throughout the song. Like ‘ Hey, don’t hurt my feelings and don’t play around. I’m gonna be hurt and therefore I have to hurt you’. I found out it’s a very interesting topic to discuss with guys.


With who would you like to collaborate one day and why?

Oh…hm, I would actually love love love to collaborate with Ray Black right now. She’s amazing. I’m loving the stuff she’s putting out. I would definitely love to collab with Skepta. He’s on my top 3 list right now. And I actually really would love to do something with Ella Eyre. We’re not on the same label as she’s with Virgin but we have some of the same staff. We just have connected and for my next project I’m definitely working on collaborating with her. She has an incredible voice, and we both have similar pop-aesthetics. I’d love to do a big-haired girls anthem with her.

Your upcoming EP The Pledge is on its way. What can we expect from it? Do you have any other plans for 2017?

For The Pledge you can expect the beginning of a story – my story. It’s one of three EP’s, the other two are scheduled to come out in 2017. It’s the very first chapter and has cool other songs that really tell my story and the trials and tribulations of finding yourself and owning who you are. I’m also working on a mixtape where I’m taking Grime-beats and rapping over them. That mixtape should be out in January, as well as my second single for The Pledge. I’m also planning on doing a couple live shows in the UK so I’m very very excited. I want people to enjoy my music and give me feedback on this labour of work I’m putting in my music.

Watch out for her EP ‘The Pledge’, to be released on November 18th!

Written By: Antonia

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