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Ash Shakur – Shine

It is no secret anymore that the music industry in London is boasting with incredible talent. Already after his EP-debut with Hare This earlier this year,  Ash Shakur proved that he is by no means an ordinary rapper.
Born and raised in the talented south of London, he started off in the music business by listening to old school instrumentals from the likes of Outcast and Mobb Deep, and has developed his very own music style ever since. Through his uniqueness and clever lyrics, Ash has gained support from not only underground radio stations like Radar but also from Complex, Noisey and Indie Shuffle.

Connecting fashion, music and art in his projects showcase the incredible versatility of the emerging artist, whose upcoming EP Hare Colours – the second project off his planned trilogy- is finally on its way.
According to the Londoner, Hare Colours is “an expression of emotions and different moods as each song relates to a particular colour. It represents the times we are in, it’s here to create an impact and start conversations” .

Its latest single Shine just got released and once again portrays the artist’s impressive poetic wordplays and ongoing flow, accompanied by a laid-back bass and phased guitar beat. Listen to it below:

Shakur’s positive vibes and confident attitude about the future and life in general is just what the world needs in the upcoming winter season.


Written By: Antonia

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