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Makola – Black Man Statues

Makola might still be rather unknown in the UK music scene but that could change pretty soon. Creating a diverse sound by mixing the genres of Afrobeats, Grime and Hip-Hop all together,  the duo – consisting of Ghanaian rapper K Mensah and Finnish DJ Pete H – gained enormous support from the likes of DJ Target or Apple Music UK while Beats 01 DJ Julie Adenuga even listed their previous release Feel Good London as one of her ‘tracks for summer’. They now return with a new joint titled Black Man Statues which debuted as Mistajam’s Inbox Fresh last week. In that rather gritty and bass-heavy release, they are debating about the good and evil sides of London by defining it both a wonderland and a poison chalice. Mentioning that ‘it is important in every history book to come, every culture given to this planet is represented and remembered‘, Makola want to spread the significance of black culture of Britain and emphazise that it is finally beginning to be heard more these days. But listen for yourself below:

Written By: Antonia

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    Love love love this video!

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