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The amazing thing in the music business is that you always come across new artists with incredible talent.

Today I found out about EBSON, an Alternative-Soul artist from London, who I’d like to introduce to you today. After his successful debut release of Adapt to Thrive (listen here ), which received support from the likes of Indie Shuffle or The 405, the artist, who finds inspiration within the surroundings of his city, is back with an incredible new joint, titled Red.

Now, probably all of you have already been struggling in relationships – no matter what kind- and finding it hard to let them go: EBSON discusses exactly that struggle.

“..I think we’ve all had times where an amazing relationship starts to fall apart and no matter how hard you try, deep down you both know, despite everything, you’re not good for each other. But typically we keep it going, blinded by past feelings and it becomes a battle where no-one ever wins. Red is all about painting that raw picture of conflict and struggle we go through to finally let it go..”-EBSON


While going up and down through a constant battle field of love and sin in the Charlie-produced and Alex Evans-mixed new track, the singer shows off his powerful voice and the great skill of combining blues and soul music. Listen to it below:

Keep an eye out for an EP later this year.

Written By: Antonia

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