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Documentary: Hip-Hop in the Netherlands

– You truly are as fine as wine, and so divine. You know I had to make you mine, no matter the time. So, I scaled that mountaintop to get that record dropped, just to see the clouds part as your pretty lips did the same, hoping one day, they’d utter my name. (-Ezekiel “Zeke” Figuero, The Get Down Netflix Series). 

– These were the words that inspired Nelly Blaise. An aspiring filmmaker and reporter, the Breda-based student decided to create a concept for a very unique and educational documentary: The origin of Hip-Hop in the Netherlands, and the struggles the artists faced during the early beginnings of the genre. 

Who are the most important and influential Hip-Hop artists in the Netherlands? What is the difference between Dutch and American Hip-Hop? Who is the Drake or Kanye of the Netherlands? Those and more questions will be answered in the documentary – but that is not all! Also members of the Dutch Hip-Hop culture will be interviewed, sharing their professional knowledge about the industry. 

Sounds amazing, right? So if you want to broaden your horizon about music and culture, then check out this link: https://cinecrowd.com/hip-hop-documentary-netherlands-1 for more information about the talented creator and the show itself, and make sure to support the project as much as you can – it will definitely be worth it! 🙂 

Written By: Antonia

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