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Ian Britt- Save A Whisper 

If you are feeling down today then I’ve got the perfect feel-good track for you: Save A Whisper by Ian Britt!

Hailing from Sheffield, the emerging artist is not so much a newcomer in the music business anymore! Britt, who finds inspiration in the likes of Bob Dylan and The Lumineers, has achieved over 14 million streams on Spotify in total and already performed in various renowned venues, such as Amsterdam’s famous Paradiso. He is now on the succesful way to build his stardom in London by bringing the rusty northern sound to the bustling capital city. And Save A Whisper is exactly about that kind of situation – leaving home and getting encouraged by unknown, fresh settings.

His new single, the follow-up of the 2015 EP-release Guardians, is a mix of acoustic folk and modern pop elements – and it all came together genuinely natural and intuitively:

“When I came to mix this track with Paddy Jordan, we both felt that the chorus was missing something. (…) Out of desperation as much as anything, we both took a pair of drumsticks and started hitting things around the studio. There was an ancient metal floor heater (…) I starting jamming along, it sounded ace and filled the space in the song. So we threw a super -expensive microphone down on the floor and recorded me banging along on this old heater and stuck it in the chorus. Sometimes all you need to do is break your old habits and follow your instincts”

It is a truly uplifting track, with a rhytmic and energizing beat! Convince yourself, and watch and listen to the accompanied music video below 🙂

Written By: Antonia

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