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Interview: Sasha

She already toured with Frank Hamilton, performed at renowned venues such as Scala in London and is only at the beginning of her promising career as a singer and songwriter: Sasha. Her touching lyrics and organic melodies remind of the sound of Regina Spektor and Bon Iver who are also her biggest inspirations. After her new single Gracious got premiered via The Line Of Best Fit the other day I had the chance to get in touch with the ambitious artist and ask her about her future plans, her aspirations and much more. Read below!

Your single Gracious is set to be released on March 31st- did you have certain influences or inspirations for writing the track and filming the visuals?

 I would definitely say I had a lot of different influences that led to the creation of the track. When I began writing the song, Bon Iver had just brought out the lead single for his latest album, which is a big inspiration for me. His new stuff is so expansive and experimental in terms of production and I definitely took influence for my new material. Visuals wise, I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted until I went to visit Norway and the scenery was beautiful. I took some video footage whilst I was out there, and it ended up being a big part of the release.
I really admire the gift of songwriting – do you base your lyrics on personal events, or what inspires you to write your songs?

I try not to be too dependent on personal events for writing lyrics, but I would say that for Gracious it was based on how I was feeling at the time. But mostly when writing, I’ll start with a title or an interesting lyric and then come up with a concept that would fit, writing to that. I also find that when I start liking a new artist or band’s music, I’ll instantly want to start writing, taking inspiration from their music.

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You’ve had a quite successful 2016! You released Fall On My Feet with enormous support of radio stations such as BBC Radio 6, and even toured with Frank Hamilton. How was the experience of touring with him?
It was a fun year! Touring with Frank was great.

We only really met by chance- I was on the tube with my keyboard on my way to a gig and he approached me because he needed a keyboard player for his shows- so a few months later I ended up supporting and playing with him at Scala.  It was also the first tour I’ve ever done, so it was a really cool experience.

Your voice is incredible! Have you always wanted to become a musician? When did you decide to choose the musical career path, and do you want to focus more on songwriting (for others) or singing after your studies?
Thank you! I would say that I’ve always wanted to do something musical. I started playing the piano classically when I was five years old and then started singing much later, in my last couple of years at Secondary school. But I only really started actively pursuing music when I moved to London to study Songwriting when I was eighteen. I think for the moment, I’m going to focus on writing primarily for myself as an artist- I would love to explore touring and playing live shows and can definitely see myself doing that in the near future. But I also love writing and would love to write for other people too. So I’m kind of open to anything musical at the moment.
What can we expect from your upcoming releases? Will they go in a similar sound-direction like Gracious?

So I’m releasing three singles this year, Gracious being the first. I wanted it to be the introductory track for a more produced project. The next few releases are more upbeat, but in that same blend between organic and electronic sounds.

Listen to Gracious here: It got released via Lemon Zen Collective

Follow her on soundcloud and instagram.

Written By: Antonia

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    Reply March 16, 2017 10:26 am

    Love this interview!! She’s my class mate and so talented!!

    Btw in April I’ll be releasing my second single, will keep you updated!

    Very best,

    Will x

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