Vitals – Colour

Every day new music gets produced, new albums get released and new bands are formed – such as VITALS, for example. The trio from South Yorkshire was founded in early March this year, and in a record-time of only two weeks they released Colour, their bright and rhythmic debut single .

VITALS consist of Jacob and Josh Ingamells and Liam Linley – none of them seeing himself as a frontman as the three multi-talented artists are all doing the same job in the band. Now that’s what I call proper teamwork!
Pleasing the listeners with melodious alternative-pop inspired beats, the band has a strong vision for the future and wants to try out new instruments and sounds by planning on releasing a single every month.
They sure come with a lot of talent, so I’m keen to hear more of their music soon!

Watch the accompanied music video below:


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