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EP: Matt Dunbar – Home

His EP reached #1 on Amazon Digital Folk Chart and #5 on the Amazon Digital Album Charts and beat many big artists with that: Let me introduce you to Matt Dunbar, and his outstanding EP Hope.

Born and raised on the border county of Northumberland, Matt, whose sound is influenced by folk and americana, already started off his music career in his local area by continuously performing with his band Mad & The Hatters. The participation in the Peace Mix competition followed, which led to the band winning the overall competition. However, Mad & The Hatters split up shortly afterwards hence Matt decided to start his own musical career.

On March 18th he unveiled his debut EP Home, which – as the name already reveals – is based on his experiences such as his time at the University of York.
It starts off with Bridget Jones’ Diary, a captivating track that shows the realness of the artist as the lyrics portray his preferences and dislikes in life and his unwillingness of changing for anyone. I really enjoyed the reference to Bridget Jones’ diary! Choosing to watch the film instead of going out does seem a decent option indeed. 😉

Home continues with Moment In Time, Here Come The Brave and Just a Dream- a romantic yet rather heart-breaking ballad, followed by Miner’s Day. This one is based on the actual Miner’s day, a historical and political event in Northumberland. Back in the day, miners used to work insanely long hours with ridiculous wages – so Miner’s day worships their accomplishments and appreciates their sacrifices. Matt calls up the miners to fight for their rights, and to keep on going because it will all be worth it in the end. (“They’ll hear us boys now don’t you fret/We will get what we expect”).

Home marks the end of the same-titled 6-piece EP, a charmingly composed song that reveals the singer-songwriter’s unconditional love towards his birthplace. Lyrics like “But I’m a Geordie boy, that won’t change/ Now Im home/Oh lord I am home” make it pretty obvious that he is proud of his origin.

There is indeed no place like home, and Matt Dunbar has expressed exactly that in a way that could not have been more genuine and beautiful. If you want to know what I’m talking about then listen to it below 🙂

Written By: Antonia

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