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What occurs when you blend the genres of electro, punk and stoner sounds all together, and add some more sprinkles of uniqueness? I’ve got the answer for you right here: MUX.

The band, consisting out of Tiziano Pilustri (Vocals/Synth), Jonas Svendsen (Guitar) and Paul Palliser (Drums), has recently unveiled their debut single MDMA – and it could not sound more bizarre.
While already the lyrics will leave you confused, the sound will make you even more perplexed- but in a good way! What starts off with a smooth melody soon turns into an energizing beat, with an incredibly talented guitar performance by Svendsen accompanied to the driving vocals of Tiziano. A dizzying yet adrenalin-laden rhythm is provided throughout the whole track.

“‘MDMA’ isn’t just a song, it’s an intrusive experience that you really don’t want to miss. “

According to singer Tiziano, the desired gnarley rock and electronic fusion could only be achieved when he listened to The White Stripes in one ear and Aphex Twin in the other. And obviously this plan worked out outstandingly well! Listen below:

Written By: Antonia

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