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Live: Tory Lanez

Already about a week ago, on March 17th, I attended the Tory Lanez concert in my home town Munich. I was excited about it for weeks, and as the Drake concert I planned on going to the day before got cancelled spontaneously (still bummed about that tbh), I was looking forward to it even more as I hadn’t been on a gig this year so far – I know, me not going to a gig in such a long time is such a shame ­čśë

So anyway, here is my review. The event started at around 8pm with Veecee, Tory’s official DJ. He made sure the crowd got hyped enough for the actual show later on, and in my case he very much succeeded. Veecee dropped banger after banger and my excitement about Tory rose with every minute.

Before the artist from Toronto appeared on stage, he had another special guest prepared for us: Yoko Gold, and here I would like to make a short excursion to introduce you to him. First of all I have to say: his vocals are so sweet and pure! Yoko has been in the Toronto music scene for quite a while already but deservedly gained more attention with his debut single Gone. I hereby want to give him a massive shoutout because the talented singer was kind enough to sign my ticket after the show, plus sang me a Happy Birthday serenade when I told him it was my birthday the next day. So thank you, Yoko Gold, that was definitely a pretty amazing pre-birthday surprise! Make sure you check out his debut single below!

But now back to Tory Lanez. What can I say, it was incredible – even though there was a 2 metre tall guy basically standing in front of me for some of the time. The R&B artist brought out his A-game and made sure he connected with┬áthe crowd all the time. From LUV to D.R.E.A.M to Say It – he performed it all with such a dedicated passion and it was clearly visible that he enjoyed being on stage.
The absolute highlight though was when Tory was crowdsurfing. And with crowdsurfing I mean proper crowdsurfing! From the front of the audience to the very back, and to the front again. While performing Diego, he dived above the hands and heads of his fans and it couldn’t have been more fun.
Seriously, it has been one of the best and most fun nights I have had in a while. Sometimes you go to a gig of someone and you get really disappointed by their performance (luckily didn’t happen to me often) but I’m actually listening to Lanez’s┬ámusic even more now. . The way the singer involves his audience in his show is super personable, as well as his energizing performance on stage. So I would always spend money for a Tory Lanez ticket again, anytime! Check out some footage I shot below.

Written By: Antonia

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