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EP: Wolf Kash – Slow Burn

This review comes with a bit of a delay, but better late than never, right? Anyway, I would like to show you the new EP by WOLF KASH, titled Slow Burn.

Already in early years, Jordan Saward – who forms half of WOLF KASH– was eager to produce his own music and ultimately convinced his younger brother Harry (who is only 14 by the way! And already so gifted) to join him. And that’s when the London-based electronic duo was born. After experimenting with various genre-crossing tunes, they finally found their personal signature sound which made them receive vast support from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1.
To make sure Slow Burn turns out to be what everyone hoped for it to be, their middle brother Max jumped on the vocals – and boom, the project was complete!

“Slow burn was written over Christmas 2016. This track just came together in the studio but it sounded too digital. We really wanted it to feel like a forgotten about record at the back of a vinyl shop. We re-recorded everything through analog gear and ran it through tape. Once we did that the track just came to life. Supervisual sound that oozes emotion.” – Jordan

The EP comes with four tracks in total, with Slow Burn being the same-titled lead single. It continues with Wasted Under Berlin Gate, Bell Me and Why Bother, each of them being unique in its own ways.

There are so many electronic-pop bands out there these days, but WOLF KASH definitely stand out with their emotive, synth-laden sound – they have a high potential of turning the electronic music scene upside down.

Listening to Slow Burn certainly puts you in a rather relaxed yet uplifting mood, but see for yourself and listen below:

Written By: Antonia

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