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Wolfe Sunday – Damage Control

Have you ever heard of the music genre folk-punk? I must admit I haven’t – until I found out about Laurence Crow who goes by the artist name of Wolfe Sunday.

He’s got a genuinely interesting bio, so let me tell you a bit about himself:

Secretly breaking into a local radio station just to record his debut album perfectly portrays Wolfe Sunday‘s attitude of just doing his thing and not caring about what anybody else thinks. A bad break-up resulted in him being homeless which is why he started fully concentrating on his musical journey. From touring through the whole country, sleeping on different couches every night, selling CD’s – the artist was on a constant grind.


Ultimately he decided to spend his earnings on renting a record studio in order to record his second album – the money was only enough for half an hour though. However, he still managed to successfully release his sophomore project Empty Bottles, Broken Bones just last year.

Now, eventually living in a flat of his own and having gained a decent amount of money from gigs, Wolfe Sunday is finally able to create the album he’s always wanted and deserved to record. What will be titled Let’s Start A Fire is a giant proof that hard work does indeed pay off. I don’t want to reveal too much, so just be ready to expect something great! 

Okay, now you’re probably curious about Wolfe Sunday‘s music so let me present you his latest single: Damage Control. Recorded and mixed by close friend Will Cummings who’s the drummer at the same time, the new track again showcases Wolfe Sunday’s incredible ability of composing brutally honest yet humorous lyrics. His guitar skills award Damage Control a lively and powerful sound which I am sure has got you shaking heads to all along!

Listen and enjoy below:

Written By: Antonia

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