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Interview: Dylan Williams

Meet Dylan Williams! Combining his musical journey with a model career, the rapper from South London has a rather busy schedule. That does not stop him from greatness though! Just last year he sold out his headline show at Birthdays in London, received vast support from industry leaders like Radar Radio or Charlie Sloth and has released his successful debut EP DRiP – a project with deep lyrics that portray an honest journey through his life. Recently the artist has unveiled his latest single off DRiP. Titled Scales, the bassy synths and afrobeat influences throughout the track definitely provide feel-good vibes.

Read below to find out Dylan’s favourite track, his life as a model and much more.

For those who don’t know you: How would you describe yourself?

Clean hearted in the worst situations.

If I had a look at your private playlist now, which songs and artists would I find on there?

If I’m being honest I listen to a lot of my friends, so I’d add Yung Skar, Airborn Gav, Ezza, Jay8lue, A2. I don’t know them personally but I fucks with PBRG 

Your music is mostly rap -but also contains afrobeats influences: Which artists do you take your inspiration from for your sound?

I don’t really take any inspiration from artists, it’s all based on my surroundings and upbringing. I’m from Uganda, we love to party and drink, so growing up I’d sit on the stairs with my cousins and watch our parents dance to Uganda music so when I’m writing I write hoping my parents and family will be able to dance. If that makes sense lol.

“Everything will fall into place as long as we continue to work hard and overthink things”

With DRiP you have dropped a pretty successful debut EP (listen here)- do you plan to release a sequel in the near future?

Thank you, that’s a good question. I don’t know, DRiP was literally just a DRiP of what’s to come. It was my introduction and a stepping stone. We recorded the whole project in 8 hours the rest was done via email. So it was a very organic project but you never know. Summer is around the corner. We could drop another one. 

What is your favourite track off DRiP, and why exactly that one?

My personal favourite song is “23.20 In Novikov” because of the story behind the song. I went to need my manger at Novikov he was dinning with a few of his friends, I remember walking in and feeling overwhelmed. I had heard of the restaurant but it was my first time actually being there. Didn’t get a chance to eat because it was too late, looked at time on the watch it was 23.20. I elaborate more on the actual song. Check it out! 

Listen to 23.20 in Novikov here:

What has been the most bizarre that ever happened to you throughout your musical journey? There surely must be a funny story!

Probably when Tinie Tempah invited us to his house and he preformed on the table in his kitchen! 

Did you find it difficult to focus on your music career whilst also working as a model all over the world? How has this experience been for you?

No not at all, I think it’s worked in my favour. I write majority of my songs whilst I’m on set. Plus my agency are very supportive so when in need to book out they don’t make it difficult. So it’s been pretty chilled .

What is your opinion about the current state of music? More and more talent is emerging in the music industry, do you think it’s harder to break out as an artist nowadays than back in the day?

Hmmmm, it is harder but it’s still very possible. Everything is accessible now. 

dylan 1

Dylan Williams

Last year you were able to open up for American rapper Sy Ari Da Kid ‘s show- how did that collaboration come across? Are you planning on doing your own headline show soon?

Basically we know the same people and they thought it would be beneficial for the both of us to gather our fan bases together for a one off show. I had my own headline at the end of 2016, we are in talk as we speak about potentially doing another one

2016 has been amazing for you! How does it feel being named as “One To Watch” by industry leaders such as MOBO? Obviously you already successfully started 2017 with your latest release Scales. What are your goals for this year?

Thank you, I’m truly blessed. I’m just trying to stay focused and consistent really. Everything else will fall into place just as long as we continue to work hard and not overthink things. 

Watch the music video to his latest track Scales below:

Follow Dylan on his socials:
Soundcloud: realdyls
Instagram: realdyls
and Twitter: realdyls

Written By: Antonia

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