Wide Eyed Boy – Wolves

Germany meets England meets Australia – and all that happened in the unique city of great live music and birthplace of the legendary The Beatles: Liverpool. Who is this mulitcultural band you now ask yourself? Well, let me present you the indie-rock band Wide Eyed Boy.

After crossing paths at Paul McCartney‘s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, the four-piece band – which consists of Oliver Nagy (vocals), Jonny Ball (guitars), Tobi Pham (guitars) and Tom Taylor (drums) – soon discovered their mutual love for music, especially for Michael Jackson, Bowie or the fellow Liverpudlians The Wombats. Lucky for us their shared passion soon turned into Wide Eyed Boy.

Recruiting fellow Liverpool resident Rich Turvey (Cabbage, Blossoms, Darlia) they have just completed their same-titled EP which is on its way to be released soon! But for now, we can enjoy their debut single Wolves, a wavy and dynamic indie production.

While Tom is effortlessly mastering the drums and Jonny and Tobi provide flawless guitar riffs, Oliver delivers powerful vocals with a rousing chorus that just makes you want to sing-a-long.

Check it out below:


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