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Patch – Prison

Mental health – a subject which relatively often is not given enough credit. Recently it is getting more and more exposure through various artists, Patch being one of them. But I’ll get more into that later.

Named as “One to watch” after receiving vast support from industry leaders such as SBTV or MTV, the skilled wordsmith has had an amazing 2016. His EP Space Between The Heartbeats and songs like Point of View and Sketchbook helped him breakthrough in the music business and gain the exposure he deserves.

Usually known for UK-centric lo-fi hip hop, Patch now approaches a completely different creative style with his new release Prison: Spoken Word poetry. Sensitively addressing mental health, well-being and mindfulness, the rapper delivers an artistically genuine production with straightforward lyrics.

Embracing Your Contradictions is how Patch describes his philosophy – a way of encouraging myself and others to express all elements of who they are, even the bits that don’t make sense to the rest of the world.” Inspired by this ethos, he recently announced a new clothing brand. Check it out here.

“Prison is a piece I wrote about the mind. The way we experience life is determined by our thoughts and our perspective influences our choices. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get caught up in a cycle of limiting thoughts that affectively imprison us so I wanted to expand on that metaphor. I really want to empower people with this piece to become more aware of the things they think about and how those thoughts are affecting them and those around. The subject of mental health is something I’m very conscious of and so the poem is also a bit of a reminder to myself to keep my mind free.”

What I admire about this artist is that he is not afraid of stating his honest opinion or writing songs/poetry about highly important topics in our society. Mental health is indeed a difficult issue which not everyone is comfortable talking about – So Kudos to Patch for openly dealing with it!

The accompanied music video shows Patch intimately debuting Prison – watch it below:

Written By: Antonia

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