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Interview: IMAN

She’s worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Wilkinson and Mike Dean (Kanye West, 2Pac, Frank Ocean) and has seen many of her (co-)written songs go straight into the official charts. This is only the beginning of singer-songwriter IMAN’s journey though!
Just recently the London-based artist has dropped her third single Wishing (read my review here) via her own label SHOPFRONT RECORDS, the follow-up of her 2016 release Naive for which she received enormous support from the MOBO Awards and Clash Magazine.
Read below to see what she has to say about her musical achievements, performing on stage with Rudimental and more!

First of all, how would you describe yourself and your music to those who don’t know you?

My name is IMAN and I’m a London based music artist. I have a song out now under my own label called Wishing. I’d describe my music as electronic, r&b, pop with soul vocals. 

You have written songs for so many big artists already – how was the feeling of seeing a song you wrote enter the official charts?

Wishing was #3 on the UK urban music week charts and #10 on the UK Pop commercial chart both are huge achievements for me.

“I was the only artist that was independent in the list and it felt good to see my hard work paying off and also gave me the confidence to feel like I could do this.”

Currently the song has also been picked up by Nike playlists and is being played in all stores across the U.K. & Germany. Missguided also showed me love and Puma have also picked up the song. 

..You even collaborated with Ed Sheeran in terms of writing and recording. How was working with him? (As a big Ed Sheeran fan I just have to ask this 😉 )

Ed is a total gent and a phenomenal talent. He was great to write with.

When did you find your passion for songwriting? Do you come from a musical family?

I don’t come from a musicial family, in fact I’m the only one I know of that is in the creative field. Songwriting came as necessity really, I knew no one was going to sit and write a song for me and didn’t know anyone like that so I literally just dived in and rolled with it. I taught myself and created my own style really.

What would you say is your biggest musical achievement to date?

Learning to play the guitar. It was something I always wanted to do and for years I convinced myself I wouldn’t be able to pick it up. So glad I talked myself out of that and eventually went for it.

So you toured with Rudimental and performed on huge Festival stages with them – how was that experience for you?

It was an amazing experience and with them was when I experienced my first festival ever in fact. I had this strange pact that I’d made with myself which was I wouldn’t go to a festival until I was actually onstage performing, and it came true when I performed with them at Isle of Wight festival.


Tell me about your latest single Wishing! 

When I wrote it, it was a ballad to start with but I held back from uploading it. I felt it needed more and Robert Rosiji produced it into what it is now. The official remix to it is also so good, it’s a garage remix by Matt jam Lamont & Scott Diaz and is on Spotify and all platforms to stream and download now.

Did you base the lyrics on a real life event?

Yes it is. I wrote it about I guy I was really into. He had a girlfriend so I stayed well away.

Do you look up to a special artist, and why this one? Where do you get your influence from for your music?

I’m not sure I have just one I could pick but I can definitely say I rate a lot of UK musicians like Ray BLK, Skepta, Kano, Akala they have all put in the work and I can hear their music has so much heart. I really respect their musical integrity. 

What are you up to when you are not in the studio recording music or writing songs?

I enjoy working out, reading and hanging with my mates. Cooking is a new thing I’m getting into. Lately I find myself cooking a whole load of food and feeding my flatmates and friends. I’m definitely a bit of a feeder.

What are your goals for this year?

Throughout 2017 I’ll be gigging and I’m looking forward to my next release mid summer. Come Autum I’ll be doing a uni tour around the UK too. I’ll be updating it all on my socials but you can find more details on www.imanmusic.co.uk where you can also get a free download to a never before released song. 

Listen to Wishing below:

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Facebook: @imanmusic

Instagram: @imanmusicuk

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Written By: Antonia

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