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Loz KeyStone – How Is It

Here’s a new artist I’d like to introduce to you: Loz KeyStone.

Born and raised in South London, the singer started studying painting at Wimbledon School Of Art, until he realised that he’d rather get into music.
Combining music with performing at theatres first, it wasn’t until the tragic death of his father when he found inspiration to pen down his debut album To Feel Love.

After the release of debut single Livid, Loz KeyStone recently unveiled the video for his upcoming album’s second release How Is It, a track that brilliantly combines jazzy synth-pop with electronic elements and mystic yet powerful vocals – 80’s vibes guaranteed!

The way he set up the accompanied music video showcases a true sense of family symbolism: KeyStone self-shot the video at a boxing night in Clapham, South London, on his fathers old mini DV camera – the time and place where his older brother also fought and won his first fight. Isn’t that beautiful? 🙂

Watch and listen below:


Written By: Antonia

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