GRYMM – Gravity

Grunge and indie rock-lovers listen up, I’ve got a vivid band for you to check out!

Called GRYMM, the Brighton-based trio return with brand new track Gravity.
Compared to their previous release Jurassic, which is rather influenced by heavy pop components, this one showcases quiet-to-loud grunge tunes with authentic post-rock elements.

“This song is essentially about all the ways abusive people in your life made you feel worthless, and also how their acts have traumatised you and changed you as a person. ‘You pull and wrench and tear away at me, you’re worse than gravity’ – but also how much that emotion of feeling degraded, and worn away can make you not like what you’ve become when being treated that way.” Morgan Jones (vocals/lead guitar)

Combining brilliant guitar riffs, catchy pop elements and deeply thought-out lyrics, GRYMM do not only show off with a hard-hitting grunge sound but also provide a strong compelling melody which will surely be stuck in your head.

Listen below!

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