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Interview: Stash Peso

You guys might remember Stash Peso from my review of his track Liquid Darkness earlier this year (check it out here in case you haven’t). Now the talented rapper from North West London is back with a brand new EP! Titled Shine, the piece comes with six tracks in total, Liquid Darkness and recent single Glow being included in the tracklist. Feature-wise we get to listen to Peso’s close friend Ricky Ramsey on two tracks, as well as Sam XVI on How To Save A Lonely Soul.

Shine genuinely combines laid-back rap elements with profoundly infectious, melodious vocals. The trap-infused yet easy-going vibes of each track definitely invite you to zone out and is in my opinion perfect for mellow summer nights.

I caught up with the artist and he gave me a great insight into his life, his idols and his collective TOORARETODIE. Check it out below!

Hey there, can you give my readers a short intro about you and your music ?

Whats going onnn! I’m just a lowkey guy from Stonebridge really.. I’m a 25 year old artist that loves creating music that puts you in a zone. I think I’m terrible at being an artist but I love creating lol. I would describe my sound as “Mood music”. It’s actually a great listen when you’re in bed. 
When did you first get into music ? Was it something you always wanted to do even when you were younger ? 

I first started writing lyrics when I was 13/14? I think my first ever lyrics were rap ones but after that I was writing grime for the next 6 years. I was always torn between football and music, I wanted to make it in both. When I started getting loads of injuries when playing football, music got me through it. When I was 20 I think I really started taking it seriously, I think that’s when I started singing too. 

Tell me about your new EP Shine! Do you base your lyrics on real life events, or do you get inspired by your surroundings ?


It’s a bit of both if i’m honest… When I first started working on Shine two years ago, I went on a few holidays and there are sprinkles of moments from them on the project. Life experiences shaped the project a lot. For all the years I have been doing music, Shine is actually my first ever solo project. After I had finished recording the project, the thought of this being my first solo project popped into my head and the name Shine came to mind straight away. Time to shine

…and are there any artists who influence your sound ? 

No artist influences the sound. Ricky Ramsey does, he makes the beats for the majority of my music. When he steps up and starts taking the music to a different place, I have to step up and write in a way I’ve never done. 
Which songs would I find on your private Spotify (for example) playlist if I had a look at it right now?
I’m terrible you know… I’ve got Spotify but I don’t use it that much. I’ll tell you who I’m listening to right now though – Constantly listening to the man dem in TOORARETODIE, Kojo Funds is sick, I’ve been listening to Brent Faiyaz, Migos, the singer Khalid, Drake, Frank Ocean and maybe Kendrick.
if you could collab with someone in the UK underground music scene, who would it be and why? 
It would have to be either Wretch 32, G Frsh or Skepta. I’ve grown up listening to these three and they are sick! I love Skepta’s vibe and presence on a track, I love Wretch lyrically and G Frsh is hella creative! – he needs to make music again. Kojo Funds is heavy though. 
So you’re from NW London! Do you think the underground music scene there is any different than in, let’s say, South London ?
100000000000000000% I love this question! The way we rap is very different, you can tell if someone is from South just by the way they rap. The lingo is even different. North West is small though… and what doesn’t help is we are always fighting each other. From my house I could probably cartwheel to another area my area doesn’t like. It’s that close! We don’t support each other as much as it looks like the South lot do. There’s bare talent in NW though, bare different vibes.

Can you give me an insight about TOORARETODIE? How did it come about and who or what is it?

TOORARETODIE is the collective and the mentality. TOORARETODIE used to be a rap group but when that didn’t work we decided to keep the brand and just make it a collective of 5 artists. L Martin – He’s probably one of the best rappers in the UK. I AM NOT PLAYING! other than Wretch, I can’t think of anyone that has rapped better. Maine – He’s the future! his style is sooo sick! I wish I could make some of the songs he does. MonroeJoe – He’s tooo smooth! I love just kicking back and listening to his vibe. Casscade – He is a machine! I have never met anyone that can knock out as many hits as he can in such a short space of time. Stash Peso – I’m a nice guy loool 

What else can we expect from you this year ? 
A lot of music! Some great visuals, some vibes, some bars and some live shows! Me and Cass spoke about a few things the other day so there might be a joint project. 

Listen to Shine below:

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Written By: Antonia

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