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Land Before Bedtime – Broadway

Harley Light aka Land Before Bedtime has come a long way in the music business already. Starting off by playing alongside Slaves‘s guitarist Laurie Vincent during his Blanco Diesel times, he then began playing for a Brighton-based soul and funk collective which allowed him to get in touch with several tastemakers such as Atlantic Records or Dirty Hit Records.
When the group split, Light decided to fully focus on his solo career and self-taught himself the gift of music production.

By the way: The name Land Before Bedtime emerged while Harley made beats out of his bedroom in Kent. Such a clever name, isn’t it?

After receiving support from BBC Introducing/BBC Radio 1 for his first two releases, Land Before Bedtime is now back with his brand new single Broadway.

“The song refers to an aspiring actor I met whilst on my travels in America last summer. He detailed of his time in New York, and his experiences there whilst trying to make it on Broadway. I found his story interesting and felt a similarity with any passion, especially mine in music. So I really understood what it felt like to put everything you have into it. The song is from his perspective.” – Harley Light

Drawing his musical influences from a wide array of artists, Jeremih, Blackbear or Mura Masa being among them, Land Before Bedtime‘s sound showcases trap-, and hip-hop infused melodies which is eminently noticeable in the new track. The addition of energizing electronic pop elements and synth-laden vibes turn the track into a genuinely interesting and authentic production. Light’s intensely passionate vocals are the cherry of the cake!

Convince yourself, and listen below:


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