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Interview: The Garage Flowers

2017 looks very promising for the rising London-based indie-rock band The Garage Flowers – so far they have been busy gigging and performing on various festivals, and are about to release new music very soon!

I’ve had an interesting chat with lead singer Joe about smoking insects, Camden Rocks and much more fun stuff! Check it out below.

First of all, who is The Garage Flowers?

Moi (Joe Capaldi), Jonny Webber (guitar), Olly Shaw (bass), Greg Edwards (drums)

 When did you decide to form the band?

Me and Jonny decided to start a band the night we met. Its taken various twists and turns and changes in personnel.

 How did the name The Garage Flowers come about, is there a story behind it?

We made a promise to ourselves that we’d pick letters at random out of a Scrabble bag and make the band name from that. Luckily we got ones we could make actual words out of.

Your Soundcloud description says we can find you on the 13th storey window ledge, smoking caterpillars. That surely sounds interesting –is that where you find inspiration for your songs?

We used to smoke all kinds of insects – caterpillars, woodlouse, bumble bees, it fucks with you’re head in a real magic way. And 13 is my lucky number so I was always insistent we went to the 13th storey.

…whereas you describe your genre as drunken guitar pop – can you give me more insight about that awesome-sounding genre?

Drunkenly chaotic and shambolic, in a very “English guitar band” way, playing bubblegum pop songs about nostalgia and hope. 

Are there any bands or artists who influence your sound or who you look up to?

John Denver

What has been the funniest moment throughout your musical journey so far? What happened?

We had nowhere to sleep so snuck into a caravan on someones front garden, in the morning they walked up to the door (we heard them) and then just as they were about to open it someone in the house shouted them back in to answer the phone, we all looked at each other, waited for his footsteps to fade and then belted it out of the caravan, relieving him of his crate of fosters for good measure.

So you recently played at Camden Rocks this year, how was the experience? Would you say the London crowd is different to crowds in other British cities?

Camden Rocks, I don’t think I saw one band that I’d wanted to. I lost the itinerary I’d written then lost my mind and then lost my bassist, he turned up 6 minutes before we were meant to be on. By then I’d regained some of my sanity and we smashed the gig. Yeah, London is the best crowd just because it’s where we play the most and they know us and our songs a lot more.

What else have you got in store for your fans for this year?

 New single will be out, complete with a sexy video by the end of the month. It’s something very different.

Watch the video to their debut single below:

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Written By: Antonia

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